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One video that sums up why we must deport all illegals

I pity the students of this teacher in Las Angeles, as he is probably President Obama’s wet dream–namely a teacher who is actively indoctrinating his students into radical communist revolutionaries.

You’ve heard the arguments: Compassion, We cannot deport 20 million people, they do the “Work that Americans won’t do”–but the truth is that we are allowing a dangerous movement to erupt in America–namely letting in a foreign body of people who believe that America is theirs.

I will be surprised if you find this video on anything but FOX, because it tells us all we need to know. Illegals are in this country illegally, they are talking about revolution, they are talking about violence, and they are proud Communists.

Can you imagine Liberals being as eager in support of “the Race” (La Raza, a pro-illegal immigrant group) if that group was a “whites only” organization? Yet they are all too happy to support racism here.

Some select quotes:

“Why is it that these frail, racist white people want to keep us out of the country?” (I think he answers his own question)

“…at the forefront of the Revolutionary movement is La Raza…” (I’m sure)

This dude also happily talks about his “Commandante” Fidel Castro. This is how far Left this guy is.

He talks about Che Gueverra’s “Domino theory” where every nation would become Communist. (Just to inform this “teacher”–Che Gueverra tried to take his “revolution” to Bolivia, asking his men to fight to the death. They did, but when Che was captured hiding in a hole, he was found with an unfired pistol and wailed, “Don’t kill me, I’m Che–I’m worth too much alive. They killed him.)

What we are seeing is a slow erosion of borders and American culture allowed by both parties for their own empowerment. But at some point, to quote the teacher in this video, those people will decide that this is their country (Mexico) not ours.

He says he wants Revolution. My response? Bring it on, bitch.


  1. May 15, 2010 at 7:55 am

    Part of the reason we have so many unemployed is just because there are so many illegals taking the jobs school kids used to do- until their lib parents told them it was easier to suck at the dotgov teat. Deport the illegals to Guantanamo and see how quickly those same kids will suck up the jobs now that their parents can’t afford their XBoxes/Ipods/et al. Not to mention, these same jobs might even help clear out some of the ghettos created by the high unemployment.
    Shy III

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