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Unemployed Geico voice-man makes a video slamming the Tea Party

Just when you thought you had heard the last from Lance Baxter…umm D.C. Douglas (Is Lance Baxter really that unmarketable a name?), heeee’s back!

In the above video which appears to be an attempt to make to humorously attack Freedomworks, we are instead treated to a literal lineup of tin-hat fools. I had to especially had to laugh at the shirtless Latino guy–so if you are Gay you feel the need to go shirtless? Really? That in itself is a slur at a minority group.

What happens when the Left tries to be funny politically is that their attempts work out this way:

1. They come off as a smarmy or vicious attack. In this case, they just can’t help but use the word “tea-bagger” multiple times, even though no gay person should be so flippant with the term.

2. They define themselves as a grab-bag of nuts. They really do score on that count here. Be it “Nipple-tweaking” by Mr. Baxter, or the shirtless (hopefully not naked) guy trying to make a point about his sexuality. Do you really have to force your beliefs in such an odd way? What exactly do you gain?

Ok, we get it–you don’t like the Tea Party. You agree with Socialism, like to pretend Global Warming is real, and think that illegal immigration is just groovy. The fact that your views are in the minority in America seems to be lost in your close inner circle of Tattooine bar-goers.

I found this video on Huffington Post (no surprise there) but I encourage you to go on the site now and then just to read the posts. It is very enlightening about how silly members of the Left happen to be.

I commented on the lady saying how great Socialism is because everyone loves Social Security and Medicare, saying that the woman should have added that both programs are going broke. Of course, the denialists tried to dispute that fact. Sorry guys, but your brand of Government is pushing us a little closer to Grecian-style bankruptcy every day.

I encourage you to watch this video with your friends and try to pick out the special interest groups they are trying to target; It might make a good party game in the very least.


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