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Tar Ball Terror

With environmentalists trying their best to terrify America into banning all American oil drilling, so far they have only been able to come up with the ghastly photos of 20 “tar balls” found recently off Key West.

Sure, it is important we keep our environment clean, and most people are concerned about this spill. But at this point, it is pretty amazing that we have yet to see any visual evidence of the mass damage the media has been selling us since day one.

British Petroleum has recently made headway in stemming the flow of oil from the damaged “well” by siphoning off a good portion of the oil via a long tube. The grossly incompetent Obama administration has said that they were “unimpressed”. This of course begs the question, “What exactly have YOU done?” The answer is obvious–absolutely nothing. Those who monitor the Obamaists will note a pattern here. Basically, use any catastrophe to push for more regulation, greater taxation, and a huge Goverment agenda. In this case, they will push to ban all offshore drilling, and probably some sort of “windfall profits tax” at some point.

Obama himself has been completely aloof and uninterested in the whole oil spill. And so far, the media seems to be backing him. Of couse, were this Bush it would be the end of the world. Instead, we get to see Obama getting hit on by a waitress who said he has a “hot little body” as he orders chicken wings and french fries (So much for promoting his wife’s “Child Obesity” agenda).

The above video is of the 1970 cult film “Oily maniac”, which I thought was pretty funny here. If only the feared “tar balls” were to turn an innocent and disgruntled man into a monster–wouldn’t it be great PR for stopping the hated oil men?


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