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Invasion made legal

Arizona’s SB 1070 was demonized as a radical idea by the media (given their orders by the Left) from the day it was proposed. Basically, it was a state’s rights issue asking the question, “What if the Federal Govt flatly denies to defend the Constitutional mandate to defend the United states from all enemies foreign and domestic?”

Basically, we are entering a dangerous time where the Left (now the primary force in the Democratic Party) controls America with an iron dictatorial hand where laws are swept aside with a scoff and the American people ignored as being “unenlightened”. We are told it doesn’t effect us if our politicians enrich themselves or spend our money foolishly—to these people, we have become a nation of Govt rather than people.

While it should have been surprising, it was not as much so in the Obama era as US District Judge (and Clinton nominee) Susan Bolton decided, not on Constitutional or legal merit, to make it legal to be in the state of Arizona without official identification, as long as you claim you are Hispanic. Using the weak defense that the US Federal Govt doesn’t have the “resources” to commit to border defense, Bolton then went on to deny the right of a state to commit it’s own resources to defending itself from an influx of invaders.

The effect of this “decision” (a dubious term considering this Judge apparently made it via PC political pressure) will be catastrophic if they stand. What if an illegal alien of “non-Mexican” origin (a Muslim extremist) crosses the border and is stopped by Police in Arizona? Can that individual simply spit out a few Spanish words and gain freedom? Can the US Govt now deny ANY law simply by saying they don’t have the “resources” to commit to them, even if the Constitution demands it? Could politicians defund the U.S. military and simply say we have lost wars because of denied resources? Can foreign entities sue America to gain rights to their own invaders?

The questions we are forced to ponder are numerous and deeply frightening.

At the same time as we are forced to admit that we are facing a legal state of implied Dictatorship via a cabal of Leftist politicians and their radical judicial nominees, we also have to admit the task at hand we must do: Basically, we need to remove all the Democrats in the 2010 elections, and also target the RINO elements in the Republican party who side with them.

We face a danger of national implosion with a “Nero” at the helm, and with a band of gleeful Anarchists wishing to drive the greatest country in History to it’s knees. The fire we feel in our hearts must purify our nation at the ballot box. To do anything else is to admit the apathetic admission that we accept slavery…

Let them know fear….


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