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He’s Back: Communist Latino Teacher Ron Goches

And this time, he’s calling the Police “Apes” just seconds after saying he doesn’t want to “generalize”. Sure.

Let’s get this straight: If you are a Communist, idolize Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Che Gueverra, and you say you want a revolution to destroy Capitalism and take back “occupied Mexico”, then you are voicing your 1st Amendment rights. But, if you are a somewhat withdrawn bunch of white Christians called “Hutaree” who said very much the same thing in the confines of their own homes, you are a seditionist and terrorist?

And what if one of the members of the Tea Party called someone in “La Raza” an “ape” what do you think would happen?

We are committing societal suicide people. We are allowing radical elements to infest our country and claim it is their own. This is how great nations fall–just read up on the fall of Rome.

I think it is only a matter of time before Mr. Goches is recorded giving one of his speeches of “La Revolution” in his classroom. Will he be fired when that happens? Don’t bet on it. California is already too far gone.



One video that sums up why we must deport all illegals

I pity the students of this teacher in Las Angeles, as he is probably President Obama’s wet dream–namely a teacher who is actively indoctrinating his students into radical communist revolutionaries.

You’ve heard the arguments: Compassion, We cannot deport 20 million people, they do the “Work that Americans won’t do”–but the truth is that we are allowing a dangerous movement to erupt in America–namely letting in a foreign body of people who believe that America is theirs.

I will be surprised if you find this video on anything but FOX, because it tells us all we need to know. Illegals are in this country illegally, they are talking about revolution, they are talking about violence, and they are proud Communists.

Can you imagine Liberals being as eager in support of “the Race” (La Raza, a pro-illegal immigrant group) if that group was a “whites only” organization? Yet they are all too happy to support racism here.

Some select quotes:

“Why is it that these frail, racist white people want to keep us out of the country?” (I think he answers his own question)

“…at the forefront of the Revolutionary movement is La Raza…” (I’m sure)

This dude also happily talks about his “Commandante” Fidel Castro. This is how far Left this guy is.

He talks about Che Gueverra’s “Domino theory” where every nation would become Communist. (Just to inform this “teacher”–Che Gueverra tried to take his “revolution” to Bolivia, asking his men to fight to the death. They did, but when Che was captured hiding in a hole, he was found with an unfired pistol and wailed, “Don’t kill me, I’m Che–I’m worth too much alive. They killed him.)

What we are seeing is a slow erosion of borders and American culture allowed by both parties for their own empowerment. But at some point, to quote the teacher in this video, those people will decide that this is their country (Mexico) not ours.

He says he wants Revolution. My response? Bring it on, bitch.


If you are a Muslim student, it’s ok to call for a Holocaust

In a speech given at the University of California San Diego, David Horowitz is asked a barely disguised question by a member of the “Muslim Student’s Association” (MSA).

Horowitz plays this well, as his first question is, “Do you condemn Hamas?”. When the student refuses to answer, it is pretty obvious that she is one of the Jew-haters. It is very powerful how tolerant Liberal colleges are of downright racial hatred as long as it comes from a group that a) They fear and b) goes against the Presidential “war on terror” by George W Bush.

The dirty little secret is that the Left is filled with hypocrites and cowards. This was exposed when Comedy Central censored an episode of “South Park” where Muhammed was depicted disguised in a bear suit.

When the Left talks about free speech, they don’t really mean it. They mean “condoned and acceptable Liberal speech”. And since a pretty fair number on the Left hold now love for Jews or Israel, this young lady’s hate speech is deemed acceptable.

Would a member of a White Supremacist group be allowed to study at any University if they were to call for a new Holocaust? While many of the Left would probably agree with them, if ever so slightly, they would immediately expel that student. Why? Because they do not fear “white America” and further, they have been told that said groups are not considered Leftist enough for them. Even if said group was all Democrats, it wouldn’t be tolerated. The PR is just too much for even them.

The Left will expose their anti-Semitism via code words such as “Zionist” or “Neo-Conservative”. When you hear or read these words, they are code words for “Jew”.

What’s funny is that this woman actually promotes, “Hitler youth week” during her question. Is she really so different from David Duke or members of the Aryan nation? No, their goals are the same.

Horowitz brings the event and question to a head when he asks the woman if she agrees with the head of Hezbollah, who said he wishes that the “Jews would move to Israel so it would save them the time hunting them down”. He then said, loudly, “For it, or Against it??” And she responded, “For it”. In other words, she agreed that she wants all the Jews in one spot so they can be exterminated.

This is a very telling video. What it tells us is that their is a very virulent bunch of Muslims living in our own nation that hate Israel, hate Jews, and in turn hate that nation’s greatest ally, the United States. The media will not show this clip to you, nor will the President talk about it–it would dispel their fantasy about the “Religion of Peace”.

We are slowly lulling ourselves to sleep and awaiting the next attack. I fear that it will come sooner rather than later.


Cinco de mayo actually a beer promotion?

A recent eighteen minute interview by Laura Ingraham with the parents of two of the three students who were told they had to turn their shirts, which were emblazoned with the American flag, inside out, or remove them all together to not offend Mexican students.

The interview is pretty interesting. Apparently the assistant Principal told the parents that several “European” students had approached him to say that if he didn’t deal with the students wearing the patriotic shirts there would be “drama”. Oh really–drama? Was this a veiled threat of violence against students who were daring enought to wear American colors on a faux holiday?

Faux holiday, you say? Yes, it is a fake holiday.

Some things you might want to know about Cinco De Mayo:

1. It isn’t the Mexican Independence day. Mexico’s independence day is called “Grito de Dolores” and is celebrated on September 16th. It commemorates the declaration of war with the Spaniards in 1810.
What does Cinco de mayo have to do with that? Absolutely nothing.

2. Cinco De Mayo is not a Mexican Holiday, but rather an American one. Few people celebrate the holiday in Mexico, but it is a time when Americans can get wasted on Mexican beer and stuff themselves with burritos for no other reason than boredom.

3. Cinco De Mayo was promoted by the Island of Malta (no, it is not associated with Mexico) that produces “Corona Extra”. It seems that Corona felt that it was an ingenious marketing scheme to promote Cinco De Mayo, and it has worked out marvelously for them.

So basically, Cinco De Mayo is an American holiday which has very little to do with Mexico. So is it wrong to wear an American flag-based t-shirt on cinco? Of course not. Does everyone have to wear green on St Patricks day? Does everyone have to wear red, white, and blue on the 4th of July?

Their is little tolerance on the Left. They wish to bring down this nation from within. The first step is indoctrinating our citizens into cowering into submission by outlawing Christian/Judaic values, and by promoting multi-culturalism over Americanism. To defy the Liberal cabal is to be excommunicated.


Stinky Hippies vandalize, mainstream media ignores

Imagine the scene: The Tea Party, so angered by the issues important to them, march to their local capital building en masse. They spraypaint “Obama sucks” and profanities on the walls, and smash windows in local businesses. They scream and wail like loonies as the Police come in to arrest them, and leave garbage in their wake that takes hours for city employees to clean up.

And the media all but ignores them.

Of course, this scenario has never happened with the Tea Party. But it did happen recently as self described “anarchists” stormed the city of Olympia, Washington.

First of all, let me clarify that the disheveled hippies in the above videos may call themselves Anarchists, but they are actually Socialists. True anarchy would lead to the death of most of them. Notice that they talk about banning oil and coal, about the evils of money, and how they hate business. Basically, these are Obama’s “people”. This is why they were ignored.

Shouting “Si Se Puede” (Spanish for “Yes we can”–remember that phrase?) the throng of dirty and unkempt radicals streamed through Olympia, showing the other side across from the Tea Party–the true radicals.

Just as people forgot what it meant to have a Leftist in the Whitehouse, some have forgotten how nutty these cretins are. They are the same people who have in the past vandalized auto dealerships in California, have burned down housing projects because they don’t like rich folk, and have thrown urine and feces on soldiers returning from Vietnam.

Bill Clinton can slur the Tea Party by saying it’s members are filled with hatred, but the true haters are on the Left, and always have been.

And while these people have yet to take power, their older brethren have. The Global warming movement is nothing more than an attempt to steal from the taxpayers while shutting down petroleum and coal producers. The attack and nationalization of the banking system is by people who fundamentally disagree with “wealth” unless it is their wealth. President Obama recently said, “Isn’t there a point where you have enough money?” What he means by this isn’t aimed at himself or the “chosen elite” but is toward every man, woman, and child who are the gears in the machine of Socialism.

So you know that when they take up the case of Arizona’s law to stop illegal immigration, that the law must be just, because they are always so completely wrong.

It is amazing how little these people have changed since the 60’s. The only difference is that they have one of their own in the Whitehouse.


A ticket to ride–to San Francisco

Hot Air talks about the move by San Francisco to ban travel to Arizona by public employees in a recent story.

Eager to burnish the city’s reputation as a Liberal enclave, it seems that Mayor Gaven Newsome quickly jumped at the chance to make a headline. Illegals take note, one of the most friendly sanctuary cities in America toward you is San Francisco.

I have a solution that I think would aid both Arizona, and the illustrious and deteriorating (although beatiful) city of San Francisco:

Give a free one way ticket to any illegal who wants to relocate to San Francisco.

This is a great solution. Think about it, Arizona can reduce it’s problems with illegal immigration, the lawlessness, the high unemployment, the benefit costs, and they can say they are looking out for illegals. After all, if you move to an American safe haven, they don’t have to return to Mexico.

San Francisco can then claim the highest illegal population in America. They can change their city language to Spanish, and staunchly enforce it. Speaking English will become a “no no”. Sure, it will be costly, but considering that Nancy Pelosi is your congressman, just ask her for the money to do it. It is for a worthy cause.

Overnight, San Francisco can become Mexico, and why not?

Right now, illegals already want to leave Arizona. People will not pick up day laborers, for fear of breaking State (which mirrors unenforced Federal) law.

Everyone gets what they want: Arizona residents, who favor the new law, get to rid their state of many problems, while San Francisco can express it’s endless political and Social Liberalism.

I am sure that if a fund is made to help pay for this, the American people will help out these people. Since 60% of Americans support Arizona, a great many will contribute to the “Illegal relocation project”. Sure, a ticket can also be back to Mexico or whatever country of origin if you wish, or to San Francisco.

Let’s make this happen people!


Immigration control the Mexican Way

In the recent days since Arizona passed it’s tough new law to enforce it’s border, we have seen:

1. Rioting illegals
2. One documented case of defacing a public building with a refried bean Swastika.
3. Al Sharpton move in and claim that the Arizona law is racism, ignoring that it is poor blacks who are losing their jobs to illegal immigrants.
4. A move by San Francisco, Las Angeles, and one of Arizona’s own Congressman urging a boycott of the state.
5. Mexican President Calderon warning the Mexican people that they might face “intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse”–oh really?

The Liberal talking points are that any enforcement of our borders or scrutiny of obvious illegal immigrants is racism, violation of civil rights, and just plain not nice.

Michelle Malkin has a remarkable writeup of how Mexico treats non-citizens, and it is a worthy read.

Lets just say that if we treated illegal aliens even half as harshly as Mexico, we would not have a problem at all:

– The Mexican government will bar foreigners if they upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics. So if there are too many “non-Latino” immigrants, they can tell you to leave? Yes.

– If outsiders do not enhance the country’s “economic or national interests” or are “not found to be physically or mentally healthy,” they are not welcome. Too poor, no visible means of employment? Get out of our country.

– Illegal entry into the country is equivalent to a felony punishable by two years’ imprisonment. Compare this to our “catch and release” program. The worst that an illegal has to face in America is to be sent back to Mexico or their country of origin. And in most “sanctuary cities” illegals are just released back into the USA and asked to return for a trial, which they never do.

– Law enforcement officials at all levels — by national mandate — must cooperate to enforce immigration laws, including illegal alien arrests and deportations. The same as the Arizona law, but the military also can take part. Right now illegal immigrant rights groups and the ACLU are fighting a request for troops on our borders.

– Ready to show your papers? Mexico’s National Catalog of Foreigners tracks all outside tourists and foreign nationals. They know who is in their country, period.

Michelle goes on to note that illegals who try to break Mexican immigration law are treated horribly. They can basically be shot for crossing the border.

Considering the above details, can you say that the Arizona law is overly harsh? Of course not. Right now the Federal Govt already has laws on the books enacted during the Reagan era that they refuse to follow. A nation without laws or borders is not nation.