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Was McChrystal wrong in being right?

General McChrystal is feeling the heat, from both the Right AND Left over his violation of the “Chain of Command”. It is hard to disagree that you should not criticize your boss, especially if he is the President, to the press–especially Rolling Stone magazine.

It is far harder to know if McChrystal was actually subconsciously wanting a way out of a war that cannot be won in it’s current form, and this may be it. We hear that there is a great possibility that Afghanistan has lapsed into a “politicians war” with a set date of withdrawal, and harsh rules of engagement which favors the Taliban over our own soldiers.

Perhaps McChrystal senses it all fading away. He may sense the uneese of his own fighting men, as they must “fight without fighting” to win the hearts and minds of people shooting at them and setting bombs to blow up their vehicles.

Michael Savage has a great saying, “We need more Patton, and less Patent Leather”; This means we are now asking our soldiers and Generals to be politicians themselves, and damn the actual results. Winning? It is icing on the cake if it happens, but it is how we “look” that actually matters.

But the President’s biggest problem is that McChrystal is so typical of an Obama choice to replace “Those bad Bush people” as he seems to have been at least partially chosen based on the fact he voted for Barack Obama. Obama likes his followers. If he could have arranged to have chosen and intellectual, non-military, “War czar” he would have, but that would have been impossible.

One has to wonder if less vocal versions of McChrystal aren’t all over the military, and in other areas of the Government. Sure, many of the President’s inner circle are former (and current) radicals the same as he. But, many are simply people who work for the sake of the nation–and incompetence is only tolerable to a point before one begins to at least mutter under their breath.

McChrystal, regardless of if he is forced to resign or stays, should be a warning sign to the President: You are destroying your legacy via your own self-absorption. The once loving crowds are now groaning at his every self-lauditory speech, and his every talk about how smart his people are. It is like having a boss who likes to talk up himself as you lose market share each year, and has a protective layer of sycophants to guard his naked incompetence via sighs and “oohs”.

Eventually, the God-like man falls to earth, with burned wings…