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They are the poison, we are the cure

Wow, this is pretty enlightening. Bertha Lewis, ACORN CEO, speaking to the Young Democratic Socialists, makes it pretty clear what she thinks of the Tea Party:

“This rise of this Tea Party so-called movement — bowel movement in my estimation — and this blatant uncovering and ripping off the mask of racism.”

And it should not be surprising that this woman considers herself a Socialist, because she says she is:

“Any group that says, ‘I’m young, I’m Democratic, and I’m a socialist,’ is all right with me. You know that’s no light thing to do — to actually say, I’m a socialist — because you guys know right now we are living in a time which is going to dwarf the McCarthy era. It is going to dwarf the internment during World War II. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation,”

Hmm, wow. Do we need to remind us that ACORN is the former employer of Barack Obama? Or that the Democratic Socialist Party endorsed the now President when he ran for office in Illinois?

It is hard to wallow with pigs and not get dirty, in my opinion.

I laughed when I heard Bertha Lewis saying that the Tea Party is a “bowel movement” because she gets it all wrong. We are fiber, the bowel movement is going to come in 2010 and in 2012.

Lewis’ hyperbolic statements are simple fear-mongering. We do not wish to send anyone to internment camps, we just don’t want to end up in those camps ourselves. The Left, in it’s vitreol, would leap at the chance to strip American rights if it gave them a chance at total power and control.

The Tea Party believes in Freedom, and that includes Ms. Lewis’ refreshing honesty. If Barack Obama was as truthful, he would not be President today.



“Stupid” Tea Partier owns Congressman

You have heard the claims by members of the media and from certain members of the Left (not that the two aren’t the same group at this point) that members of the Tea party are actually misguided nincompoops who don’t know a thing, but are simply expressing their feelings about a President of color.

In the above video, we find out just how smart many members of the Tea Party are. The Tea Party believes in the Constitution as the bedrock of what makes America what it is, while many politicians see it as just a Historical document, or in some cases as meaningless. Some even see it as a roadblock to “Change”–ahem, Mr. President?

I have strongly urged those who have never been to a Tea Party to experience one. Especially if you are a Democrat or Obama voter. Do not believe what you hear on the television, come experience it for yourself. You will find that much of what is said and done is mere Patriotism and love of country, coupled with a concern for the future of this great nation.

If you talk to the average Tea Partier you will likely be surprised at their knowledge of History and politics. Many of these people may be new to the Political world, but were always tried and true believers in History.

The Republican Congressman in this video can be blamed for his lack of knowledge about the Constitution, but few can quote it word for word. I don’t think this is needed. But, our Political leaders should know the basic tenets of what the Constitution says.

At least this man was allowed to speak. Can you imagine how quickly a Democrat Representative would have shut him down, ridiculed him, or had Union thugs scream and shout him down? When allowed to speak, the Tea Party seems remarkably sane in comparison, no?


Tea Party racism: “Enough is…enough!”

Reverend Wayne Perryman takes on the misconception spread by the media that the Tea Party is racist. He makes the point that a tiny few radicals in any group may indeed be racist, but that you cannot judge anything from those people.

I agree with the Reverend. I have been looking at many of the Youtube videos which label the Tea Party as “The new KKK” and compares it to the Nazi Party of Germany. The problem with these videos is that they can’t find much in the line of racism among the Tea Party anywhere. They make videos of people holding signs talking about Liberty and disagreement on big govt and then intersperse them with old videos of the Nazis and KKK rallies. A pretty sad tactic, really.

Reverend Perryman then goes on to mention the truth about the KKK and racism, and how it was the Democratic Party that stood lockstep with the KKK in most of the cases where Black Americans were shot, stabbed, hanged, and mutilated. If nothing else, the Democratic party turned a blind eye to these outrages, while standing firmly against the promotion of Civil rights.

Of course when you have the bulk of the media parroting your lies, it is easy to demonize those you disagree with. The truth is a very nagging problem that you can ignore to promote your form of Politics.

The simple fact is that black, latino, and Asian members of the Tea Party are not only tolerated, but like Reverend Perryman, they are cherished. We only ask for a deep love of country and a belief in Liberty.

It is the progressive groups that seem to be most hateful, and they wish to project that hatred upon the Tea Party. To this, we say no Thank you.


I know you are, what am I?

This is one of the most informative videos exposing the black heart of some Democrats in Congress, and why we need to remove them at the ballot box. Frankly, it is similar to the United Nations calling out Israel and the United States for hate crimes while a good number of UN members still allow slavery, child prostitution, and female genital mutilation. This is not just the pot calling the kettle black, it is the pot calling the snow black.

Representative Steve Cohen’s words drip with hatred for the Tea Party, saying that it’s members are little more than Nazis and KKK members. Sigh, don’t these people ever get any new material?

As a defender of Israel I am getting pretty tired of the Liberal Jew who cares little about possible Genocide in Israel, while relishing the destruction of the United States via their loopy Marxist ideals. I know many great Jews who swear “never again” to the next holocaust, and understand how important the survival of the United States is.

Cohen is someone who needs to be removed from Congress for his phoney and ridiculous statements, and we can do it next time he is up for reelection. Mr. Cohen, we will not forget you or your words about the American people.

At one point Cohen talks about how he wished that he could shut up the protesters during the vote for Obamacare, then scoffed when a Republican challenged him by reminding him about this little thing called the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

Cohen lets the cat out of the bag I think. He admits he hates America, wants to shut up those he disagrees with, and that he is willing to criticize any American that disagrees with Socialism. Poor Steve, he needs to get together with Sean Penn and they can slobber all over each other about Hugo Chavez.

Let them know Fear.


Apathy and the Death of Nations

I have said before, “It is not war that destroys great Nations, it is Apathy”. Apathy comes in many forms, the fear of battle, either physical or mental, the decadence of comfort over greatness, the soft weakness of mind and limb brought on by increased feminization of society.

It is just like age robbing one of the ability to stave off disease or physical infermity. The body eventually gives up.

When a nation gets sick, it does so via political ill. Uncontrolled borders and the influx of foreign people, the seizing of Political power by a Liberal elite, the uncaring “Me too” attitude of the people as they simply choose life over Liberty. Such is the sickness that invades the soul, to rob the people of the fire in their hearts and minds.

This is the plan of the far Left. Give to the apathetic and lazy, demoralize the strong and productive, and steal their lives via an accumulation of Government power.

A friend of mine recently went to a local gunshop to see if they could put up a sign for our local Tea Party. Ordinarily, most would simply ask, leave the sign and head out the door. My friend was inciteful enough to take it one step further and ask a few questions. What he found out was shocking. He asked the employees and some of the customers questions about the Tea Party, and nobody really knew what it was. One employee had barely heard about it, as evidenced by his remark, “I heard a little about it, but the name seems kinda lame.” The person at the counter, who claimed to be a “History major” did not understand the connection between the “Boston Tea Party” and the “Tea Party movement”. Some History major. A customer seemed only slightly more aware, and when asked about Obamacare, could barely speak about anything he knew about it. Frankly, he didn’t seem to care.

Apathy. The Killer of Minds.

What my friend found out in a short conversation was that these people, who worked in a gun shop, had no clue about he issues of the Constitution and 2nd Amendment–basically, it was evident that these folks did not watch the news. Not even CNN, much less FOX, or even take the time to look at news articles on the internet.

Perhaps we have become an iPod generation. A nation of Apathetic boobs who know more about “American Idol” than they do about the gradual and progressive loss of their own nation.

The greatest speaker of the Grecian Empire, Demosthenes, spoke of his disgust in the apathy of a once great nation in “The Second Oration against Philip” (344 BC):

They who aspire to an extravagant degree of power are to be opposed by force and action, not by speeches; and yet in the first place, we public speakers are unwilling to recommend or to propose anything to this purpose, from the fear of your displeasure; but confine ourselves to general representations of the grievous, of the outrageous nature of his conduct, and the like. Then you who attend are better qualified than Philip, either to plead the justice of your cause or to apprehend it when enforced by others; but as to any effectual opposition to his present designs, in this you are entirely inactive. You see, then, the consequence, the necessary, the natural consequence, each of you excels in that which has engaged your time and application, he in acting, you in speaking.

Nations die from a dry-rot known as apathy, and the cure is active participation and accumulated knowledge. Do not catch the disease, and if you know someone who has it, tell them.


United we stand

The year was 1768, and it was the Boston Gazette that published “The Liberty Song” by John Dickinson. One line of the song would inspire a notion among people that lives to this day:

“Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!”

The quote, “United we stand, Divided we fall” emerged from that point, and was spoken by George Washington in relation to the Constitution as well.

This phrase is more than just a simple Patriot statement, it has deeper meaning. It means to put aside minor differences for the greater cause. Sure, in situations in life, you will not agree with everyone ALL the time, but it is a coalition of similar beliefs that help define a movement. Ronald Reagan had a great “Rule” about Party affiliation (and it is a good rule for any group) called the “80% rule”. President Reagan felt it was better to consider someone a “80% friend” than a “20% enemy”.

The Tea Party began from humble beginnings in that it was a spontaneous emergence of people who have similar feelings about Freedom, the Constitution, the rights of the individual, ect. But what few note is that there was never a litmus test of religion, sexual orientation, age, or color related to the Tea Party. Basically, they agree 80% of the time on the base issues we feel we stand for.

The Tea party is a loose collective of Patriots. Can a Republican be a Tea party member? Why not? Can a Democrat? I don’t see why they shouldn’t. It is their core beliefs that need to be considered, and little more.

Size of group is something that is constantly an attempt at ridicule by the vast Left-wing media in relation to the Tea Parties. Is a group of 50 enough to qualify? Or does it need to be something like Dallas, Texas with 100,000 attending? The answer is both, and all. The Tea party is about individuals collectively expressing their concern over our nation’s course. So in actuality, you could hold a “Tea Party” of 2 in a tiny town and still be valid. And you might even be one person who puts a video on Youtube and inspires a nation to react–you might still consider yourself part of the “Tea Party”.

The issue is that we need to stay united. We can win back our country if we work hard to make those changes happen. We can, as a group from shore to shore, break those bonds that Govt wishes to put on us.

Consider our might as an expression of our hearts and minds, a giant colossus built of our own will, so mighty as to cause fear in the bureacrat and Leftist. But chip away at that great statue over trivial points on contention outside of our main focus, and soon cracks begin to form. Those cracks can become arguments which become feuds and all out claims on the title of “Tea Party”. The face of the statue begins to break away, exposing a creaking armature of steel.

Eventually the mighty red, white, and blue colossus we all build comes crumbling down. It is a fear that this could happen, and only we can keep it from happening.

Join hands Patriots, and shout from the highest mountain our unity. We will not bend or fail, nor will we be changed by our efforts.