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President of all the people, or President of none?

I was thinking about the glorious imagery given to then-candidate Barack Obama during the Presidential election. It seemed that he was an empty cup, and everyone was willing to “fill him” with their beliefs. To Liberals, he was Liberal. To Moderates he was moderate. And to some Conservatives, he was a Conservative. He went to Europe and the people cheered, saying that finally America would have a President like them. He was a “European” American.

The President tried to embrace the Muslim world, even speaking Arabic at the end of his speech, in order to sell it. He almost put Jimmy Carter to shame by shaking hands with world Dictators, and saying he would embrace talks with them “With and open hand, rather than a clenched fist”.

For awhile the image seemed to be real, but then Barack Obama was elected President. And being President means having to actually do more than talk.

The President talked about being the President of “All the people” and I think he also meant every country around the world. He believed that a simple speech could work magic, and sweep away all philosophical differences. He once said to a Reporter, “I have a gift” in regards to his speaking ability.

Perhaps he bought his own hype.

It all started to fall apart, and it did not take long. He bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, the Emperor of Japan, as well as some low level character in Canada. He tried to talk tough a few times in relation to Iran, and was met by laughter from the world’s dictators, such as Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmandinijad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. It seemed that President Obama’s belief in speech over strong action was being tested, and it was failing. And as Obama diminished America, he didn’t at all realize that his own office was shrinking.

One rule holds true in world Politics, and that is that weakness is Universally disdained.

The President did little better in the United States, passing a stimulus package that did little more than expand the deficit and enrich unions.
Unlike President Clinton, he stoicly moved on. He who seemed to be the “One” once seen as cool and collected, was now being seen for being an impersonal cold fish.

The next goal was one that Leftists had wanted for decades, Socialized Healthcare. Rather than diving into the process, bringing sides together and working to make sure it happened, the President left it all to Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi. What was formed was a destructive, bloated disgrace of Government arrogance. While candidate Obama said he would be open and transparent, this was all done behind closed doors–no CSPAN or Republicans allowed.

The American people, who already had mostly caught on to the fact that the President didn’t see the Presidency as others had, but rather as a “Controller of the people”, were enraged by his arrogance and dismissive attitude. It seemed, Obama would shove this rotting albatross hanging around Congress’ neck directly down the throat of the American people.

The one place that you would think Obama would still be loved would be overseas. But it is not the case. The President has a 4% popularity rating in Israel. His proposed visit to his “home” country of Indonesia were met with huge protests. The world leaders treat himself and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismissively–and why not? Do they fear a speech?

Bill Clinton was right about one thing–a President must be respected AND feared. At this point, Obama is not doing too well in either category. And a man who ran as President of all the people, has now become one of none of them.



Harry Reid: 36,000 lost their jobs, that’s a good thing

It’s 1:05 am, but I couldn’t help but post this video. It will surely come back to haunt Senator Harry Reid. Running up to the jobs report, the Obama Administration touted a probable employment loss of over 50,000. Now we know the reason why, they wanted this number to look better than it really is.

Can you say, “Jobless Recovery”?