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Britain’s Obama claims his country deluded over defeating Nazis

Youtube clip: Nick Clegg, who seems to be running much as Barack Obama did in 2009, at “The Wave” Climate change (Global Warming) march, talks about radical change and embraces the Socialist party in the crowd. He then demonizes “Climate Change deniers” including American Republicans.

I have a warning for Britain: Take the statements of Clegg to heart and know that any radical expression is his true belief. The United States voter made a huge mistake in ignoring our current President’s radical ties and statements, and we are paying for it now.

Clegg recently made some statements that have Brits angered, and rightfully so. While he has tried to depict himself as the “new Churchill” Clegg recently said that Brits have a “more insidious cross to bear” than Nazi Germany in WW2.

Oh really? Was it Britain that tried to conquer Europe? Was it Britain that attempted to slaughter Jews?

Clegg went on, foolishly, to say that the British people had “Delusions of grandeur” and a “misplaced sense of superiority” over having defeated Nazi Germany. What exactly is Clegg talking about?

Nick Clegg seems to be a globalist, and not in a good way. To him, it is not about free trade, it is about a belief that no nation has the right to consider itself to have greater moral authority than another. No crime against society or the world is greater than this, he thinks. Not Naziism, not slavery or female genital mutilation, not Islamofascism. To the Cleggs and Obamas of the world, tyrants and dictators are just another group to embrace and hope for the best.

Just as President Obama dislikes to think of America as a great nation, or Americans as great people, Clegg secretly despises the idea of British greatness. Were he alive during the time of Churchill, he would oppose him.

In the World view of the new Marxist, one never fully admits the true goal of a world governed by a mish-mash of rogue bullies and pathetic Libertarians who accept their neighbors intrusion and thuggery. In the end, this type thinks that everything will work out well, as long as trillions of dollars/pounds are committed to foolish taxation and spending schemes which support ridiculous ideas such as global warming to “feel like good people”.

Mr Clegg wants a Leftist govt that pretends to be Democratic, and at the same time diminishes it’s goodness to prop up the egos of the world’s bottom feeders.

Nick Clegg is Winston Churchill? Mr Clegg, we remember Churchill, we honor Churchill, and you are no Churchill.



The Left’s new slur: “Tea Klanners”

Holding signs that say, “New shape, same hate”, Lefty protesters try a new tactic to try to demonize the Tea Party. But as usual, it is bound to fail miserably.

The reason for the assertion that the Tea Party has any association to the KKK is pretty clear, because the KKK was actually an arm of the Democratic Party much as ACORN is today. But the Democrats would like you to forget that fact.

Dr Eric Foner wrote about this in his book, “A Short History of Reconstruction” in 1990. And to bolster his credibility even further (since many Democrats deny the roots of the KKK), Foner is a liberal and also a professsor at Columbia University.

Racism, the KKK, and tradition Democratic voting were all traditions that carried on from generation to generation, as is noted by the statement by KKK Grand Dragon Nathan Bedford Forrest:

“I have never voted for any man who was not a regular Democrat. My father … never voted for any man who was not a Democrat. My grandfather was …the head of the Ku Klux Klan in reconstruction days…. My great-grandfather was a life-long Democrat…. My great-great-grandfather was…one of the founders of the Democratic party.”

In his book, Dr Foner details the origins of the KKK, and it’s true purpose, which was basically to terrorize and kill white and black Republicans:

“Founded in 1866 as a Tennessee social club, the Ku Klux Klan spread into nearly every Southern state, launching a ‘reign of terror‘ against Republican leaders black and white.”

What can be learned about the KKK and the Democratic party is that the ties of radicalism run deep in the power structure of the party itself. To the leadership of the party, this radicalism is to be used to undermine and destroy their enemies. And if their “radical arm” becomes discredited, the party lives on. They just disband, rename, and form a new radical “limb” to rip and tear at their enemies. In the end, their enemy is the American people.

As the KKK fell from favor via it’s horrible actions, the Democrats suddenly said they were “anti-racism” but at the same time electing people like Robert Byrd, (former?) Klansman, to the US Senate. The party then moved on to embrace the Leftist radicals of the 60s, such s the Black Panthers, and groups like the “Weather Underground” which spawned radicals like Barack Obama’s “friend and neighbor” William Ayers. Ayers, who attempted actual attacks on America ala Timothy McVeigh, was not only not demonized, he was glorified and enriched by his Democrat roots.

ACORN came next, and as we know, helped to elect many Democratic candidates via stuffing the ballot boxes in many races, while using “volunteers” to provide false names and dead folks to provide a “means to an end” and we know that end was Democrat power.

Now that ACORN has been discredited due to some very shrude videos by two young Conservatives and Andrew Breitbart, they are supposedly “disbanding”. But are they gone? No, they will simply rename and come back in their next virulent form.

My prediction is that the Left already has it’s next radical group lined up, and that is radical Latino groups aligned with Communism. We saw this during the last press for Amnesty by President Bush. Remember the “May Day” rally of thousands of Mexican illegals holding Mexican and Communist flags?

To the Democrats, radicalism is a tool. We can only point out that fact to America and let them decide if the Democratic party is one they would like to rule their lives.


Snippy Chihuahas of the Left

I recently wrote about one of the most fantastic candidates currently running for Congress, Colonel Allen West. Little did I know, but he would come out and prove me correct in such a short amount of time.

Mr West was recently speaking to a group of his supporters, where he took on the typical opposition that it seems any Conservative black candidate is forced to face, basically the “Snippy Chihuahuas” of the Left. West makes it clear that they are picking the wrong fight if they are going after him; he simply is not going away.

Colonel West then quotes a scene from the movie “Gladiator” and says we need to “Hold the line”. I contend we won’t just hold the line, but we will push them back.

One thing that the Tea Parties have done is let the American people see who and what the Left is in comparison to the average American. The Left is vicious, ignorant, and ideologically opposed to what America stands for. When compared to the Tea Party, a group of average Americans proudly standing in defense of what President Ronald Reagan called “The Shining city on the Hill”, the Left looks very petty and seriously deranged. If you do not understand what I am talking about, just look at my last blog entry and watch the videos.

To Allen West, this is a great battle for the American way. Just as American soldiers have fought to defend us from Naziism, Communism, and Imperialism, this battle is tantamount to the freedom and survival of every American. If you think this is overblown, then you have simply to understand that the Obama Administration’s attempt to lower American status also puts us in danger of military threat as well as fiscal threat. If we are forced to convert to a European style Socialism, then we must also almost completely defund the military to fund the “utopia”.

West is by far one of the best men running this season, as I have said before, among a group of rising stars. If I were to name another name that we will surely hear more and more, Chip Cravaak may be the other. Reagan Conservatism is alive and well, and we intend to take on the new “Jimmy Carter”, Barack Obama.


Colonel Allen West

Before I did this blog, I often sent out my own version of an email “blog” where I would highlight people who intrigued me. I recieved an email with the above video of Colonel Allen West. Before I played it, I was unsure of just what sort of person Col. West was, or what he stood for. But after watching it, I found myself wanted to cheer. Patriot? Of course, but to simply define him as a patriot alone falls far short. Allen West is an outspoken hero in my opinion.

Watch the video, and tell me you don’t agree. It will be hard to do so.

What I like in a Politician we rarely see today. To be truthful, forcefully outspoken, to have a Love of country. To shake the hand of such individuals is a powerful experience. It is not the same as simply being “star struck” by a Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, it is to know that such men as George Washington still exist. In this day and age, that alone is inspiring.

Colonel West is currently running for Congress out of the State of Florida. He deserves the support of the American people.


Can we rely on “President Romney” to repeal Obamacare?

First of all, I must say that I supported Mitt Romney over Senator John McCain and Governor Mike Huckabee for President in the last election. Mitt Romney did very well in handling a very blue state, with some exceptions, and is also a gifted businessman. Mitt was able to dig out a floundering and readily red-ink drenched Olympics, and this shows his ability to get a job done and keep it within budget.

Romney’s biggest impediment in seeking the Presidency at this point comes from his “Romneycare” plan in Massachusetts. Sure, the plan he came up with has been vastly expanded under the current Democrat Governor, but didn’t Mitt know that this always happens with Socialized medicine?

I worry about Romney’s refusal to admit that his plan turned into an explosive failure. He should admit this if he wants to assured of winning in 2012. Romneycare is a dead albatross hanging around his neck, and it isn’t smelling any better as time goes on.

There is also the issue of Mitt Romney’s refusal to side with the Tea Party movement. This is worrisome. It means he likely sides more with the David Brookes and David Frum philosophy that the Tea Party represents some rogue portion of the Republican Party that needs to be eliminated or ignored. What he misses here is that the Tea Party is not a Republican organization, it is a popular American uprising against the destruction of the Republic. And if you have “Republic” in the name “Republican” then you should recognize and honor those people.

Governor Romney’s refusal to pan his own program in Massachusetts is a bad sign. Can a President Romney allow a repeal of Obamacare? Or will he just modify it? I think it might be the latter scenario, and that will not work. The evidence is in his own home state.

If Romney wins the nomination we might have little to say in choosing him over Barack Obama. Mr Obama is the most radical and dangerous President in U.S. History. But if Mr Romney refuses to address the issue of “repeal” of Obamacare forcefully, I think he needs to be eliminated in the primary process.

Or is it already too late?


“Stupid” Tea Partier owns Congressman

You have heard the claims by members of the media and from certain members of the Left (not that the two aren’t the same group at this point) that members of the Tea party are actually misguided nincompoops who don’t know a thing, but are simply expressing their feelings about a President of color.

In the above video, we find out just how smart many members of the Tea Party are. The Tea Party believes in the Constitution as the bedrock of what makes America what it is, while many politicians see it as just a Historical document, or in some cases as meaningless. Some even see it as a roadblock to “Change”–ahem, Mr. President?

I have strongly urged those who have never been to a Tea Party to experience one. Especially if you are a Democrat or Obama voter. Do not believe what you hear on the television, come experience it for yourself. You will find that much of what is said and done is mere Patriotism and love of country, coupled with a concern for the future of this great nation.

If you talk to the average Tea Partier you will likely be surprised at their knowledge of History and politics. Many of these people may be new to the Political world, but were always tried and true believers in History.

The Republican Congressman in this video can be blamed for his lack of knowledge about the Constitution, but few can quote it word for word. I don’t think this is needed. But, our Political leaders should know the basic tenets of what the Constitution says.

At least this man was allowed to speak. Can you imagine how quickly a Democrat Representative would have shut him down, ridiculed him, or had Union thugs scream and shout him down? When allowed to speak, the Tea Party seems remarkably sane in comparison, no?


Congressman James Oberstar’s “Jesus was a Socialist” endorsement

The one thing we should have learned from the election of Barack Obama is to look into the background, words, and who a person endorses for their true beliefs. Young Barack Obama had a Communist mentor, was a good friend and neighbor of domestic terrorist/Marxist William Ayers, was endorsed by the Socialist party in Illinois, and had a radical minister, also a Marxist, called Jeremiah Wright.

Is there any doubt why America faces the Governmental overreach that it does today? Once a Marxist, always a Marxist.

Congressman Oberstar has been representing Minnesota for a very long time. He has disguised his true views by supporting gun owners and being anti-abortion. However, recently he proved he is actually pro-abortion by voting for Obamacare. Is he actually anti-gun? Would he support huge taxes on ammunition and guns? Huge fees to transfer or buy a firearm? The answer is unknown, we only have his word, and lately his word isn’t so good.

And then we get to the issue of his judgement. It is of great importance to know exactly how well a Congressman/Senator would choose as he/she makes decisions for the electorate. And herein lies the problem with Congressman Oberstar, he endorsed a deeply Marxist Minnesota Representative for the position of Governor of the State, Thomas Rukavina.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the Youtube video above. What does it mean when Rukavina both criticizes “Old capitalism” and at the same time says that “Jesus was a Socialist”? It means he embraces Socialism.

And what would a Socialist as Governor mean for Minnesota? Higher taxes, exploding Govt, huge regulations and an anti-business environment. Siding with unions over the private sector is a virtual guarantee. Do you want this? If so, please comment. If not, let me know your feelings.

James Oberstar does not even live in the State he Represents. And now he endorses an admitted Marxist for Governor. I think it is time for us to retire him for good.