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Unemployed Geico voice-man makes a video slamming the Tea Party

Just when you thought you had heard the last from Lance Baxter…umm D.C. Douglas (Is Lance Baxter really that unmarketable a name?), heeee’s back!

In the above video which appears to be an attempt to make to humorously attack Freedomworks, we are instead treated to a literal lineup of tin-hat fools. I had to especially had to laugh at the shirtless Latino guy–so if you are Gay you feel the need to go shirtless? Really? That in itself is a slur at a minority group.

What happens when the Left tries to be funny politically is that their attempts work out this way:

1. They come off as a smarmy or vicious attack. In this case, they just can’t help but use the word “tea-bagger” multiple times, even though no gay person should be so flippant with the term.

2. They define themselves as a grab-bag of nuts. They really do score on that count here. Be it “Nipple-tweaking” by Mr. Baxter, or the shirtless (hopefully not naked) guy trying to make a point about his sexuality. Do you really have to force your beliefs in such an odd way? What exactly do you gain?

Ok, we get it–you don’t like the Tea Party. You agree with Socialism, like to pretend Global Warming is real, and think that illegal immigration is just groovy. The fact that your views are in the minority in America seems to be lost in your close inner circle of Tattooine bar-goers.

I found this video on Huffington Post (no surprise there) but I encourage you to go on the site now and then just to read the posts. It is very enlightening about how silly members of the Left happen to be.

I commented on the lady saying how great Socialism is because everyone loves Social Security and Medicare, saying that the woman should have added that both programs are going broke. Of course, the denialists tried to dispute that fact. Sorry guys, but your brand of Government is pushing us a little closer to Grecian-style bankruptcy every day.

I encourage you to watch this video with your friends and try to pick out the special interest groups they are trying to target; It might make a good party game in the very least.



They are the poison, we are the cure

Wow, this is pretty enlightening. Bertha Lewis, ACORN CEO, speaking to the Young Democratic Socialists, makes it pretty clear what she thinks of the Tea Party:

“This rise of this Tea Party so-called movement — bowel movement in my estimation — and this blatant uncovering and ripping off the mask of racism.”

And it should not be surprising that this woman considers herself a Socialist, because she says she is:

“Any group that says, ‘I’m young, I’m Democratic, and I’m a socialist,’ is all right with me. You know that’s no light thing to do — to actually say, I’m a socialist — because you guys know right now we are living in a time which is going to dwarf the McCarthy era. It is going to dwarf the internment during World War II. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation,”

Hmm, wow. Do we need to remind us that ACORN is the former employer of Barack Obama? Or that the Democratic Socialist Party endorsed the now President when he ran for office in Illinois?

It is hard to wallow with pigs and not get dirty, in my opinion.

I laughed when I heard Bertha Lewis saying that the Tea Party is a “bowel movement” because she gets it all wrong. We are fiber, the bowel movement is going to come in 2010 and in 2012.

Lewis’ hyperbolic statements are simple fear-mongering. We do not wish to send anyone to internment camps, we just don’t want to end up in those camps ourselves. The Left, in it’s vitreol, would leap at the chance to strip American rights if it gave them a chance at total power and control.

The Tea Party believes in Freedom, and that includes Ms. Lewis’ refreshing honesty. If Barack Obama was as truthful, he would not be President today.


Ed Schultz, poltroon

It seems that Ed did not like a Democrat Tea Party member calling his show to tell him why he is a member of the movement. So why DO members of the Left get so defensive when faced with the truth?

I guess it is a little like the movie, “Liar, Liar”. People often do not want to hear the truth. And the truth about Liberal ideology has been pretty clear for quite some time–it is destructive to any nation.

As time goes on the Left is getting more and more shrill. Their rhetoric is getting more and more ridiculous. “The Tea Party killed Jimmy Hoffa!! The Teabaggers step on cute puppies!!” It is what happens when people don’t like you–they start to ignore you. And how do they respond to this? By screaming louder.

Ed Schultz seems to be in competition at MSNBC to be the whackiest moonbat. The problem is that he has some very strong competition.

Personally, I don’t hate Ed or his kind, although I am sure he would not say the same about me. I pity him. I know that perhaps pity should be reserved for people who are not trying to actively destroy our nation, but I can’t help it. The guy is a sad and angry person.

The more that the Tea Party does not fit into their mold, the louder the Left with become. The Tea Party refuses to become what they are, and this confuses them. Liberal protest has long been a violent and messsy thing; People who attend these protests often do not understand or care about the “big picture” or know enough to form a cogent argument. They just get on the bus, both figuratively and physically, and do what the Democratic Party tells them to do.

This is why they cannot understand us, because we are not driven by hatred, but rather by a goal of returning our country to what it once was. And this is counter to the progressive goal of Socialism where parasites eat away at a nations core until it collapses.


Snippy Chihuahas of the Left

I recently wrote about one of the most fantastic candidates currently running for Congress, Colonel Allen West. Little did I know, but he would come out and prove me correct in such a short amount of time.

Mr West was recently speaking to a group of his supporters, where he took on the typical opposition that it seems any Conservative black candidate is forced to face, basically the “Snippy Chihuahuas” of the Left. West makes it clear that they are picking the wrong fight if they are going after him; he simply is not going away.

Colonel West then quotes a scene from the movie “Gladiator” and says we need to “Hold the line”. I contend we won’t just hold the line, but we will push them back.

One thing that the Tea Parties have done is let the American people see who and what the Left is in comparison to the average American. The Left is vicious, ignorant, and ideologically opposed to what America stands for. When compared to the Tea Party, a group of average Americans proudly standing in defense of what President Ronald Reagan called “The Shining city on the Hill”, the Left looks very petty and seriously deranged. If you do not understand what I am talking about, just look at my last blog entry and watch the videos.

To Allen West, this is a great battle for the American way. Just as American soldiers have fought to defend us from Naziism, Communism, and Imperialism, this battle is tantamount to the freedom and survival of every American. If you think this is overblown, then you have simply to understand that the Obama Administration’s attempt to lower American status also puts us in danger of military threat as well as fiscal threat. If we are forced to convert to a European style Socialism, then we must also almost completely defund the military to fund the “utopia”.

West is by far one of the best men running this season, as I have said before, among a group of rising stars. If I were to name another name that we will surely hear more and more, Chip Cravaak may be the other. Reagan Conservatism is alive and well, and we intend to take on the new “Jimmy Carter”, Barack Obama.


Silly Liberals, Tricks are for Kids

I decided it doesn’t hurt to see a bit more of the filter-feeders (infiltrators) in their own element, namely being annoying and uninformed to a fine bunch of people expressing their beliefs of American liberty. Sure, they have 1st amendment rights, and we all must respect that, but there is also a responsibility to be fair, factual, and not be profane in front of women and children. Apparently this is lost on the fellow in the above video. This is pretty enlightening in regards to the anger and hatred of the Left, however.

Now this guy seems in over his head. He really wants to be a thorn in the side of the Tea Party, but he just can’t muster the cajones to just come out and either admit it, or unabashedly charge into a crowd including many U.S. Veterans who fought for his rights to express his foolishness. Perhaps, at the last minute, he realized this was NOT a good idea.

Now this is the most common form of infiltrator (“potted plant”): uninformed, glum, and refuse to say anything beyond generalities like, “You are all racists, I just can’t point any out from where I am standing”. Basically, this is the average Obama voter–uninformed, uncharismatic (hence their love of “the one”) and singularly boring.

What do you do when you feel your right to play “World of Warcraft” in your parent’s basement is being threatened? Why of course, you and your nerd buddy come out to express your well, limited outrage.

This is a longer video, but informative. The protesters and infiltrators start at 1.53. The filter-feeder at the end does his best to hide behind his sign, but then actually tries to say he is a member of the Tea Party (fail) and seems confused when he is asked about being homophobic. He doesn’t know what “teabagger” really means, or feigns stupidity–I side with the former.

Trust fund baby makes a sign–need we say more? Well no, but I also need to make the point that if your girlfriend has wider shoulders than you do, and needs to straighten your tie as you grin like a boy on Christmas morning, something is very wrong. Go drive Daddy’s Ferrari, little man.

Fantastic takedown by the security guy. I am a fan of MMA too, but wish he would have applied a little “Ground and pound”. Notice how this cretin cries like a baby when they handcuff him. The only statement missing was, “Don’t tase me Bro!”.


The short life, and timely death, of the filter-feeders and potted plants

Regardless of the name you know them by, be it “infiltrator” or “party crasher” or my own names of “filter feeders” and “potted plants”, the Left-wing members who tried to jump into the Tea parties with the intent of pretending to be Nazis, KKK, Homophobes, ect., failed.

It seems that the Tea Party, or being labeled as such a bunch of dummies, “outed” the filter-feeders easily. They were humiliated, as well.

Signs stating “infiltrator” or “I’m not with stupid” were smartly taken to rallies and cleverly pointed at the easily defined Leftist meat-heads.

I doubt it was really very hard to not know who these people were. There seems to be a general metrosexual softness among many Leftist men, and an abrasive stridency among many of the women; At least, this could be said of the type who would be a “Potted Plant”.

Another problem is that it is easy to tell the Tea party members by their brightness, smiles, and patriotic confidence. The dismal gloominess of the infiltrator sticks out like a sore thumb in such a crowd.

Are these people gone? No, they will certainly be back, and with new and devious plans to make asses of themselves.


Can we rely on “President Romney” to repeal Obamacare?

First of all, I must say that I supported Mitt Romney over Senator John McCain and Governor Mike Huckabee for President in the last election. Mitt Romney did very well in handling a very blue state, with some exceptions, and is also a gifted businessman. Mitt was able to dig out a floundering and readily red-ink drenched Olympics, and this shows his ability to get a job done and keep it within budget.

Romney’s biggest impediment in seeking the Presidency at this point comes from his “Romneycare” plan in Massachusetts. Sure, the plan he came up with has been vastly expanded under the current Democrat Governor, but didn’t Mitt know that this always happens with Socialized medicine?

I worry about Romney’s refusal to admit that his plan turned into an explosive failure. He should admit this if he wants to assured of winning in 2012. Romneycare is a dead albatross hanging around his neck, and it isn’t smelling any better as time goes on.

There is also the issue of Mitt Romney’s refusal to side with the Tea Party movement. This is worrisome. It means he likely sides more with the David Brookes and David Frum philosophy that the Tea Party represents some rogue portion of the Republican Party that needs to be eliminated or ignored. What he misses here is that the Tea Party is not a Republican organization, it is a popular American uprising against the destruction of the Republic. And if you have “Republic” in the name “Republican” then you should recognize and honor those people.

Governor Romney’s refusal to pan his own program in Massachusetts is a bad sign. Can a President Romney allow a repeal of Obamacare? Or will he just modify it? I think it might be the latter scenario, and that will not work. The evidence is in his own home state.

If Romney wins the nomination we might have little to say in choosing him over Barack Obama. Mr Obama is the most radical and dangerous President in U.S. History. But if Mr Romney refuses to address the issue of “repeal” of Obamacare forcefully, I think he needs to be eliminated in the primary process.

Or is it already too late?