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Silly Liberals, Tricks are for Kids

I decided it doesn’t hurt to see a bit more of the filter-feeders (infiltrators) in their own element, namely being annoying and uninformed to a fine bunch of people expressing their beliefs of American liberty. Sure, they have 1st amendment rights, and we all must respect that, but there is also a responsibility to be fair, factual, and not be profane in front of women and children. Apparently this is lost on the fellow in the above video. This is pretty enlightening in regards to the anger and hatred of the Left, however.

Now this guy seems in over his head. He really wants to be a thorn in the side of the Tea Party, but he just can’t muster the cajones to just come out and either admit it, or unabashedly charge into a crowd including many U.S. Veterans who fought for his rights to express his foolishness. Perhaps, at the last minute, he realized this was NOT a good idea.

Now this is the most common form of infiltrator (“potted plant”): uninformed, glum, and refuse to say anything beyond generalities like, “You are all racists, I just can’t point any out from where I am standing”. Basically, this is the average Obama voter–uninformed, uncharismatic (hence their love of “the one”) and singularly boring.

What do you do when you feel your right to play “World of Warcraft” in your parent’s basement is being threatened? Why of course, you and your nerd buddy come out to express your well, limited outrage.

This is a longer video, but informative. The protesters and infiltrators start at 1.53. The filter-feeder at the end does his best to hide behind his sign, but then actually tries to say he is a member of the Tea Party (fail) and seems confused when he is asked about being homophobic. He doesn’t know what “teabagger” really means, or feigns stupidity–I side with the former.

Trust fund baby makes a sign–need we say more? Well no, but I also need to make the point that if your girlfriend has wider shoulders than you do, and needs to straighten your tie as you grin like a boy on Christmas morning, something is very wrong. Go drive Daddy’s Ferrari, little man.

Fantastic takedown by the security guy. I am a fan of MMA too, but wish he would have applied a little “Ground and pound”. Notice how this cretin cries like a baby when they handcuff him. The only statement missing was, “Don’t tase me Bro!”.



Obama or the Tea Party, who is more popular?

It would seem that the answer is: The Tea Party.

In a recent Rassmussen poll asking just that question, the popularity of President Obama continues to plummet. But the Tea Party, despite being demonized daily, is doing just fine. 48% of those polled said they like the Tea Party, while just 44% identify with the President.

It would seem that this is the reason for the demonization; If someone outpolls you, you can only try to bring them down by any means possible, and hope that those in newer polls find themselves in your ranks.

As I have said before, I don’t believe we have yet reached “Barack Bottom”, but we are continuing to move in that direction, despite the best efforts of Raum Emmanuel.

They can only hope that the more they throw against the wall, the greater chance that something will stick. So far, our wall is teflon.

There is just something that people like about people defending their country, of talking about the Constitution, about Liberty, and saving our children’s future, which seems good to the American public.

The President is the opposite of this, seeming to always take America in a direction that people disagree with, blaming our country for all the world’s problems, and sheepishly whining and kissing the ring of foreign dictators.

While it can be wrong to criticize a person’s patriotism via their Party, I don’t think the President is very Patriotic. I see him as the type who would avoid fireworks on the 4th of July, being happier to sun himself on the beach in Bermuda away from all that red, white, and blue nonsense.

The President could turn this around, but it would mean actually pretending to care for his nation, to take tough stances against dictatorships, and seeming to be at least a little pro-Capitalist. The problem is, he would not believe it, and Obama is an ideologue rather than a pragmatist.


Tea Party racism: “Enough is…enough!”

Reverend Wayne Perryman takes on the misconception spread by the media that the Tea Party is racist. He makes the point that a tiny few radicals in any group may indeed be racist, but that you cannot judge anything from those people.

I agree with the Reverend. I have been looking at many of the Youtube videos which label the Tea Party as “The new KKK” and compares it to the Nazi Party of Germany. The problem with these videos is that they can’t find much in the line of racism among the Tea Party anywhere. They make videos of people holding signs talking about Liberty and disagreement on big govt and then intersperse them with old videos of the Nazis and KKK rallies. A pretty sad tactic, really.

Reverend Perryman then goes on to mention the truth about the KKK and racism, and how it was the Democratic Party that stood lockstep with the KKK in most of the cases where Black Americans were shot, stabbed, hanged, and mutilated. If nothing else, the Democratic party turned a blind eye to these outrages, while standing firmly against the promotion of Civil rights.

Of course when you have the bulk of the media parroting your lies, it is easy to demonize those you disagree with. The truth is a very nagging problem that you can ignore to promote your form of Politics.

The simple fact is that black, latino, and Asian members of the Tea Party are not only tolerated, but like Reverend Perryman, they are cherished. We only ask for a deep love of country and a belief in Liberty.

It is the progressive groups that seem to be most hateful, and they wish to project that hatred upon the Tea Party. To this, we say no Thank you.


Stupak fight all part of the grand scheme

When you watch this video you will understand something we should have known all along. Namely, Stupak and his supposed “anti-abortion” Democrats basically were going to vote “yes” all along.

In the tactics with Nancy Pelosi the plan surely went like this: We will let you pretend to fight to the very end, press your “strong moral convictions”, and then at the last minute we will come in with a way for you to vote in the affirmative. Plans within plans, people.

The problem is that the American people are now aware of how these people play their games–we will not be fooled any more. I have said the same thing about Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar, a man who does not even live within the state he say she represents. Oberstar has always tried to say he was a “moderate” Democrat via his positions on abortion and gun rights. With his yes vote on this bill, we know he does not have a strong position against abortion–it was just a stance he took to appear as moderate. But it seems there are few moderate Democrats left in either the house OR Senate. And what about Representative Oberstar’s “Strong stance against gun control”? How long will it last? Only until it comes up for a vote is my guess.

Remember and do not be fooled.

Getting back to Bart Stupak, an anti-abortion group that was about to award him has changed their mind:

Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund President Marjorie Dannenfelser said the group was revoking its “Defender of Life” award to Stupak, which was to be awarded at its Wednesday night gala.
“We were planning to honor Congressman Stupak for his efforts to keep abortion-funding out of health care reform. We will no longer be doing so,” Dannenfelser said. “Let me be clear: any representative, including Rep. Stupak, who votes for this health care bill can no longer call themselves ‘pro-life.’”

They are not being fooled anymore, either.

Remember the name, Dan Benishek, he is Bart Stupak’s opponent. I set forth a plan, among others on facebook, to “send a message” to Congressman Stupak after betraying his constituents. The plan was to get to 5000 “friends” from where he was before the betrayal, when he was at a mere 756. Last night, he broke 7,776 members, and today is at 13,328 on his facebook page “Benishek for Congress”.

People will send a message, and they will be heard.


Racism claims by Congressmen untrue?

Is this report of racism by the Tea Party true? You tell me. In the above video you see members of the Congressional Black Caucus crossing through the Tea Party crowd. I have watched this several times and have not seen any of the following:

1. Racial slurs being uttered toward the men.
2. Sexual slurs being uttered.
3. Anyone spitting at the Congressmen.

It seems strange in that in the Youtube era that we would not have a single video clip supporting the claims leveled toward the Tea Party in Washington DC.

Considering that most of the crowd disdains such behavior, it could also be said that we would have at least one person who saw or heard the actions of one or two “nuts” in the crowd doing something as atrocious as racial mistreatment or spitting. It just hasn’t happened.

Yet it seems that every media outlet is reporting this account of the story by Congressman Andre Carlson:

“It just happened on the way to votes. Coming out of [Cannon Building]…John Lewis’ chief of staff came with us. It was just the three of us walking down the steps. ‘Kill the bill, Kill the bill…n-word,’ fifteen times,” he said. “Capitol Police finally became aware and began protecting us.” The video above was taken as Reps. Lewis and Carson emerged from Cannon today towards a crowd of protesters, and racial epithets from the crowd appear to be absent from the scene captured.

So where is the proof of this? Or is it yet again a Saul Alinsky tactic? I am leaning toward believing it is just a tactic, and one that is very common by the Left.

The lesson to learn from this is that we must be on guard against the Leftist media’s tactics. They will demonize those they disagree with. And it might be in ways you might not expect. They might simply take a photo or short video clip of a speaker at a Tea Party dressed in “dated garb” of the era of the founding fathers, simply trying to make them look like an idiot. They will not let you hear what they have to say, they will simply demonize–it’s what they do best.

Realize that it took little more than a joke by Sarah Palin about seeing Russia from her “back window” to define her as stupid. One would think that people would be smart enought to know a joke when they hear it, right? But they used it effectively.

This is why we must be beyond reproach.


We The People

Many thanks to Marie Jon (an up and coming blog writer for for referring this excellent and patriotic youtube video. It’s message defines exactly what the Tea Party believes.

Please watch this, it is very powerful.


“Talker in Chief” tells us to stop talking

Youtube clip: The time for talk is over, over, over, over….

I think it is time for us to shut these people down. If this Congress was controlled by Republicans, we would have already heard the shouts of “Do-nothing Congress” and “Culture of corruption”. But since the media has their party in control and is implementing their plan of implosion, we don’t hear anything.

I guess the job is up to us. We need to exclaim at every turn that we want Congress to “get back to the work of Governing”. Let’s face it, these people have done almost nothing but debate how they will take over our nation for over a year. They make deadline after deadline, then say that it is too important to stop.

The clock is ticking on their control on power. Their poll numbers continue to sink as even former Obots and Democrats see the truth. The truth is that this has nothing to do with making our country better–it is about control.

During the Clinton era we saw a different mentality. President Bill Clinton was smart enough to switch gears when he had to. His one mistake was allowing his ideological wife push a pretty radical agenda in the first two years of his Presidency. But in no way was Bill Clinton was steeped in Marxism as this current lot.

The Democratic party is no longer the Democratic party. They are the American Socialist party of old. To the disgust of Conservatives, and the help of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the Republican party has become the old Democratic party. It is up to us to move them back to reality. And we must do this by the force of our Philosophy, voice, and vote.

This “do-nothing Congress” is dangerous. They are looking for ways to irreversably transform the greatest nation on Earth into a culturally fractured, grotesque paper tiger. Their views of our nation is that it is corrupt, but they are the true corruptors. They talk about jobs, but relish a nation of jobless slaves. They talk about fiscal competancy, but spend money that we may never have. Their goal is transitional Marxism, and the end goal we cannot even fathom.

We must stand atop the mountain and shout the truth. We know how great America is, and we will not waver on it’s true nature.

Let the people roar.