An Impeachable offense?

This video of Dick Morris on “Hannity” makes a powerful point: Can a President ignore Federal law and the Constitution for poltical gain?

Morris makes a great point when he notes that the “Chicago politics” of illegal bribery via power-mongering cannot be allowed to extend into the Federal realm. It is bad enough in Chicago, do we want a nation run in this way?

I recently had a bit of an argument with a friend on Facebook about Obama. She said that he was a nincompoop who deserves little in the form of histrionics to define him. Basically, she was saying that Obama was a foolish “light weight”. But can we say that about a man who is willing to use and misuse every Presidental power to irrevocably change our nation? I think it would be a mistake to underestimate either his radicalism or his ability as given to him by the people and a Congress with the power to enforce his will.

A President who is willing to break the law is dangerous. A President steeped in radicalism with an “Get it done for Marxism” credo is something that should be challenged. Sure, we cannot assume that he has pure Dictatorial power, he doesn’t, yet. But he is setting a precident–if you can get it done, do it and disregard the electorate.

These people know a few things that are pretty terrifying: They know that if they control Congress, they can pass just about anything and disregard ethics, law, or future challenge. They hope to pack the courts with radicals who will support their changes. They also know that the media will support them, or in the very least ignore their vicious attack on America. They also assume weakness from their opponents; the Republicans are fearful of full-blown Conservatism, as evidenced by the faux breed such as David Brooks and David Frum, or for that matter “consensus builders” like Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

Will the media pursue a scandal greater than any under Bush? I highly doubt it. Will Republicans charge Barack Obama with “high crimes and misdemeanors”? Or do they fear the media calling them racists? Personally, I wonder.

Nation is greater than individual power or gain. The people are greater than the elected. But given the power we have so wrongly provided them, Congress and the President feel they are Kings and Queens, not Representatives.

We need to change their minds. We need to let them know the fear of misusing their offices at the ballot box. And once ejected, we must enforce the rule of law and monitor our new policians closely. We cannot affford to resume our long sleep, or that sleep will become a coma.



Woman shot, killed after threatening census worker

Glenn Beck questions Congressman Michelle Bachmann about the ramifications of refusing to fill out the 2010 census.

A man recounts how he was shouted at for taking video of a census worker as he put in GPS coordinates of homes in his area.

According to a representative to the U.S. Census, a census worker went to the door of Craig Patterson, a resident of Yuba City, California. The time was 7:45 pm, 25 minutes before census workers are told to discontinue home visits. According to the worker, at this time a woman brandished a firearm to her while asking the man questions, and she immediately left.

The census worker immediately called her supervisor, who contacted the Police.

At 9:04 pm the Police arrived at the home, and were greeted by a male suspect with a handgun. They took him into custody, but then encountered 67 yo Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin, pointing a shotgun at the officers. After refusing to put the shotgun down, the officers fired, killing the woman on the spot via multiple gunshot wounds.

The first thing you might say about this incident is, “So it’s come to this”. Many do not trust the 2010 census, due to some of the invasive questions on the forms. While this is true, and for some reason census workers have been mapping homes via GPS, it should also be noted that we cannot break the law in opposition to the Government’s intrusive policies.

Brandishing a gun without a reason is a crime. The days of a shotgun wielding guy sitting on his porch saying, “Get off my property!!” and then shooting off a few warning shots are over.

Under the U.S. Constitution, we are only compelled to be counted. There is no rule that allows invasive questions, and I think at some point the current census will be challenged at some level. The Obama Administration, as it seems always to do, appears to feel the need to expand Govt power at all levels. The charges against the Bush Administration, mostly overblown, are real under Obama.

Hopefully we can avoid a looming Police state by a budding Socialist Govt, but we can do this by ejecting all Politicians who support the President’s policies. But, we must maintain the law.


Tar Ball Terror

With environmentalists trying their best to terrify America into banning all American oil drilling, so far they have only been able to come up with the ghastly photos of 20 “tar balls” found recently off Key West.

Sure, it is important we keep our environment clean, and most people are concerned about this spill. But at this point, it is pretty amazing that we have yet to see any visual evidence of the mass damage the media has been selling us since day one.

British Petroleum has recently made headway in stemming the flow of oil from the damaged “well” by siphoning off a good portion of the oil via a long tube. The grossly incompetent Obama administration has said that they were “unimpressed”. This of course begs the question, “What exactly have YOU done?” The answer is obvious–absolutely nothing. Those who monitor the Obamaists will note a pattern here. Basically, use any catastrophe to push for more regulation, greater taxation, and a huge Goverment agenda. In this case, they will push to ban all offshore drilling, and probably some sort of “windfall profits tax” at some point.

Obama himself has been completely aloof and uninterested in the whole oil spill. And so far, the media seems to be backing him. Of couse, were this Bush it would be the end of the world. Instead, we get to see Obama getting hit on by a waitress who said he has a “hot little body” as he orders chicken wings and french fries (So much for promoting his wife’s “Child Obesity” agenda).

The above video is of the 1970 cult film “Oily maniac”, which I thought was pretty funny here. If only the feared “tar balls” were to turn an innocent and disgruntled man into a monster–wouldn’t it be great PR for stopping the hated oil men?


He’s Back: Communist Latino Teacher Ron Goches

And this time, he’s calling the Police “Apes” just seconds after saying he doesn’t want to “generalize”. Sure.

Let’s get this straight: If you are a Communist, idolize Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Che Gueverra, and you say you want a revolution to destroy Capitalism and take back “occupied Mexico”, then you are voicing your 1st Amendment rights. But, if you are a somewhat withdrawn bunch of white Christians called “Hutaree” who said very much the same thing in the confines of their own homes, you are a seditionist and terrorist?

And what if one of the members of the Tea Party called someone in “La Raza” an “ape” what do you think would happen?

We are committing societal suicide people. We are allowing radical elements to infest our country and claim it is their own. This is how great nations fall–just read up on the fall of Rome.

I think it is only a matter of time before Mr. Goches is recorded giving one of his speeches of “La Revolution” in his classroom. Will he be fired when that happens? Don’t bet on it. California is already too far gone.


Unemployed Geico voice-man makes a video slamming the Tea Party

Just when you thought you had heard the last from Lance Baxter…umm D.C. Douglas (Is Lance Baxter really that unmarketable a name?), heeee’s back!

In the above video which appears to be an attempt to make to humorously attack Freedomworks, we are instead treated to a literal lineup of tin-hat fools. I had to especially had to laugh at the shirtless Latino guy–so if you are Gay you feel the need to go shirtless? Really? That in itself is a slur at a minority group.

What happens when the Left tries to be funny politically is that their attempts work out this way:

1. They come off as a smarmy or vicious attack. In this case, they just can’t help but use the word “tea-bagger” multiple times, even though no gay person should be so flippant with the term.

2. They define themselves as a grab-bag of nuts. They really do score on that count here. Be it “Nipple-tweaking” by Mr. Baxter, or the shirtless (hopefully not naked) guy trying to make a point about his sexuality. Do you really have to force your beliefs in such an odd way? What exactly do you gain?

Ok, we get it–you don’t like the Tea Party. You agree with Socialism, like to pretend Global Warming is real, and think that illegal immigration is just groovy. The fact that your views are in the minority in America seems to be lost in your close inner circle of Tattooine bar-goers.

I found this video on Huffington Post (no surprise there) but I encourage you to go on the site now and then just to read the posts. It is very enlightening about how silly members of the Left happen to be.

I commented on the lady saying how great Socialism is because everyone loves Social Security and Medicare, saying that the woman should have added that both programs are going broke. Of course, the denialists tried to dispute that fact. Sorry guys, but your brand of Government is pushing us a little closer to Grecian-style bankruptcy every day.

I encourage you to watch this video with your friends and try to pick out the special interest groups they are trying to target; It might make a good party game in the very least.


One video that sums up why we must deport all illegals

I pity the students of this teacher in Las Angeles, as he is probably President Obama’s wet dream–namely a teacher who is actively indoctrinating his students into radical communist revolutionaries.

You’ve heard the arguments: Compassion, We cannot deport 20 million people, they do the “Work that Americans won’t do”–but the truth is that we are allowing a dangerous movement to erupt in America–namely letting in a foreign body of people who believe that America is theirs.

I will be surprised if you find this video on anything but FOX, because it tells us all we need to know. Illegals are in this country illegally, they are talking about revolution, they are talking about violence, and they are proud Communists.

Can you imagine Liberals being as eager in support of “the Race” (La Raza, a pro-illegal immigrant group) if that group was a “whites only” organization? Yet they are all too happy to support racism here.

Some select quotes:

“Why is it that these frail, racist white people want to keep us out of the country?” (I think he answers his own question)

“…at the forefront of the Revolutionary movement is La Raza…” (I’m sure)

This dude also happily talks about his “Commandante” Fidel Castro. This is how far Left this guy is.

He talks about Che Gueverra’s “Domino theory” where every nation would become Communist. (Just to inform this “teacher”–Che Gueverra tried to take his “revolution” to Bolivia, asking his men to fight to the death. They did, but when Che was captured hiding in a hole, he was found with an unfired pistol and wailed, “Don’t kill me, I’m Che–I’m worth too much alive. They killed him.)

What we are seeing is a slow erosion of borders and American culture allowed by both parties for their own empowerment. But at some point, to quote the teacher in this video, those people will decide that this is their country (Mexico) not ours.

He says he wants Revolution. My response? Bring it on, bitch.


If you are a Muslim student, it’s ok to call for a Holocaust

In a speech given at the University of California San Diego, David Horowitz is asked a barely disguised question by a member of the “Muslim Student’s Association” (MSA).

Horowitz plays this well, as his first question is, “Do you condemn Hamas?”. When the student refuses to answer, it is pretty obvious that she is one of the Jew-haters. It is very powerful how tolerant Liberal colleges are of downright racial hatred as long as it comes from a group that a) They fear and b) goes against the Presidential “war on terror” by George W Bush.

The dirty little secret is that the Left is filled with hypocrites and cowards. This was exposed when Comedy Central censored an episode of “South Park” where Muhammed was depicted disguised in a bear suit.

When the Left talks about free speech, they don’t really mean it. They mean “condoned and acceptable Liberal speech”. And since a pretty fair number on the Left hold now love for Jews or Israel, this young lady’s hate speech is deemed acceptable.

Would a member of a White Supremacist group be allowed to study at any University if they were to call for a new Holocaust? While many of the Left would probably agree with them, if ever so slightly, they would immediately expel that student. Why? Because they do not fear “white America” and further, they have been told that said groups are not considered Leftist enough for them. Even if said group was all Democrats, it wouldn’t be tolerated. The PR is just too much for even them.

The Left will expose their anti-Semitism via code words such as “Zionist” or “Neo-Conservative”. When you hear or read these words, they are code words for “Jew”.

What’s funny is that this woman actually promotes, “Hitler youth week” during her question. Is she really so different from David Duke or members of the Aryan nation? No, their goals are the same.

Horowitz brings the event and question to a head when he asks the woman if she agrees with the head of Hezbollah, who said he wishes that the “Jews would move to Israel so it would save them the time hunting them down”. He then said, loudly, “For it, or Against it??” And she responded, “For it”. In other words, she agreed that she wants all the Jews in one spot so they can be exterminated.

This is a very telling video. What it tells us is that their is a very virulent bunch of Muslims living in our own nation that hate Israel, hate Jews, and in turn hate that nation’s greatest ally, the United States. The media will not show this clip to you, nor will the President talk about it–it would dispel their fantasy about the “Religion of Peace”.

We are slowly lulling ourselves to sleep and awaiting the next attack. I fear that it will come sooner rather than later.