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Dennis Prager and the war of 2010

The above video is pretty powerful. It defines the great stakes we face if we allow our Government to continue it’s downward spiral into European Socialism. Basically, we have a choice; We have a choice between American exceptionalism, and acceptance of European mediocrity. The choice should be bold, but generations of Liberal indoctrination have led us to become a nation split between the politically aware, and the hopelessly apathetic.

President Obama, Prager states, is not the key–it is the movement which must be stopped. To a great degree I believe this is true. The first step is certainly to halt Congressional Leftism in 2010. However, it is also certainly true that a less ideologically Leftist man or woman in office would never have taken the steps Mr Obama has taken, be it for pragmatism or simple love of country.

Barack Obama is neither brilliant or an complete dullard. He is a narcissist. His failures are redistributed as much as he wishes to redistribute wealth. He knows what he has been taught, and boldly refuses to believe his teachings could be wrong. Others would surely begin to question their own beliefs, were they truly deep thinkers, upon constant data showing the depth of this failure. Not so with Obama. Perhaps because he doesn’t care about America being great, he wishes for American diminishment. And this is a very scary stance for an President to take.

Prager talks about the bold actions of the American military in regards to the destruction of Naziism. Would an Obama have been willing to face down with Hitler? It is doubtful. He would have extended an open hand, even when faced with a slap.

We are facing the most Liberal Congress in History. One which is beyond reason. They are hoping to snatch power via Government action. And amongst these actions they have tipped their hand: Pursue personal and Govt power over the betterment of their own country. The American citizen is a simple tool to be used, and a way to fund their enslavement machine. And to halt an increasingly enlightened populous bent on stopping their actions, they wish to bring in new “citizens” in the form of amnesty, to destroy the threat of losing this attained power.

America has a very great choice and responsibility in 2010. It will be a greater decision than any this country has ever faced; We can choose unabashed Americanism, or planned obsolescence. Obama and his handlers want America destroyed–will you play along?