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Britain’s Obama claims his country deluded over defeating Nazis

Youtube clip: Nick Clegg, who seems to be running much as Barack Obama did in 2009, at “The Wave” Climate change (Global Warming) march, talks about radical change and embraces the Socialist party in the crowd. He then demonizes “Climate Change deniers” including American Republicans.

I have a warning for Britain: Take the statements of Clegg to heart and know that any radical expression is his true belief. The United States voter made a huge mistake in ignoring our current President’s radical ties and statements, and we are paying for it now.

Clegg recently made some statements that have Brits angered, and rightfully so. While he has tried to depict himself as the “new Churchill” Clegg recently said that Brits have a “more insidious cross to bear” than Nazi Germany in WW2.

Oh really? Was it Britain that tried to conquer Europe? Was it Britain that attempted to slaughter Jews?

Clegg went on, foolishly, to say that the British people had “Delusions of grandeur” and a “misplaced sense of superiority” over having defeated Nazi Germany. What exactly is Clegg talking about?

Nick Clegg seems to be a globalist, and not in a good way. To him, it is not about free trade, it is about a belief that no nation has the right to consider itself to have greater moral authority than another. No crime against society or the world is greater than this, he thinks. Not Naziism, not slavery or female genital mutilation, not Islamofascism. To the Cleggs and Obamas of the world, tyrants and dictators are just another group to embrace and hope for the best.

Just as President Obama dislikes to think of America as a great nation, or Americans as great people, Clegg secretly despises the idea of British greatness. Were he alive during the time of Churchill, he would oppose him.

In the World view of the new Marxist, one never fully admits the true goal of a world governed by a mish-mash of rogue bullies and pathetic Libertarians who accept their neighbors intrusion and thuggery. In the end, this type thinks that everything will work out well, as long as trillions of dollars/pounds are committed to foolish taxation and spending schemes which support ridiculous ideas such as global warming to “feel like good people”.

Mr Clegg wants a Leftist govt that pretends to be Democratic, and at the same time diminishes it’s goodness to prop up the egos of the world’s bottom feeders.

Nick Clegg is Winston Churchill? Mr Clegg, we remember Churchill, we honor Churchill, and you are no Churchill.



Obama’s Bait and Switch

(Where ARE the rebates and middle-class taxcut, Mr President?)

(How things change, or have they? Call me dubious.)

On the face of it, one might welcome President Obama’s remarks on expanding “exploration” of some areas for offshore oil and natural gas drilling. What the “Greens” rarely tell you when they expound about replacing Petroleum and Coal as sources of energy production is that the bulk of America’s energy comes from those sources. How much will it cost to replace coal alone? Are you willing to have a 300% increase in your energy bills yearly? Are you willing to have an Windmill farms across the entire USA? These are questions you have to consider.

But the problem with much of what the President says, it is likely disingenous. To Mr Obama, any such methodology is merely a “means to an end”. Basically, he knows what few Americans know: He can make a statement about expanding “exploration” while letting the Environmental lobby sue and block drilling. And even if we should win the right to drill, the entire process will take 10 years probably.

Why make the claim in the first place? Because his polls are sagging. Not as badly as that of Congress, but at a dangerous and steep descent unmatched by any modern President. Barack Obama believes in words more than he does commitment. He believes he can fool the people to get what he wants, and he wants Cap and Trade. And cap and trade is yet another tax on the American electorate. It is less likely to effect the rich than the poor, who are forced to pay a large portion of their income on fuel and electrical costs.

President Obama does not believe what he says about offshore oil drilling or Nuclear power plants, but he is giving them lip service for the sake of his true goal of a Marxist Utopia. Just watch the videos above and tell me if you agree–I welcome your comments.


A Small Island of Colossal Ignorance

Ok, Hank Johnson is the guy who replaced the completely unhinged Cynthia McKinney in the U.S. Congress, and that is a good thing. However, the above video denotes a complete ignorance of a kind rarely exhibited on the national scale.

Coming from a Party that regularly criticizes the Tea Party for being ignorant morons, I dare say that few Tea Party members would assume that an island will actually “capsize” as Representative Johnson theorizes.

Note that he also goes into Global Warming as a basis for his “theory” and is met with amusement by the military man he is questioning. These are the sort of things you might muse upon with a small group of friends as ignorant as yourself, but never talk about in public, much less on the floor of Congress.

I remember a similar situation while attending a class in college, with a young man claiming that he thought that oil extraction would lead to the world eventually collapsing because it became “empty”. He had a series of drawings that he projected for all of us to see, and if you knew little, you might actually have said he had a point. Except that he had zero data to prove his hypothesis. And even then it seemed ridiculous, and the instructor politely prodded him on the basis for his assertions. He came up blank, of course.

One can see why so many believe in Global Warming. They leave it to members of the Scientific community to be truthful, not be swayed by their peers or the temptation of large grants. They expect members of Congress to actually be smart enough to do what is right for our country, aside from Politics. But Politics drives such drivel, as does money.

I am constantly amused by members of the other side who dare to actually debate members of the Tea Party but do not understand the basis for their own points. They refuse to admit that our Govt is going broke, despite the fact that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid ARE running out of money. They argue, not on facts, but because they wish their points to be true. And when confronted with the actual errors in what they are saying, they go into denial.

The moral of this story is to read and educate yourself. Prove your assertions and accept when you are wrong. Only by constantly debating your beliefs can you come to truth.


Global Warming Activist Freezes in Antarctica (Updated)

(Core story retracted by the media: While reported by many news organizations, including ecological websites, it appears that this individual did not actually die in Antarctica–I do stand by the rest of my comments, however)

This is too ironic to ignore. But it isn’t the first time that one of the “Greens” has gone to one of the two poles and found out it was not the expected sultry 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Dog sled “musher” Will Steger had a similar, if less tragic experience years ago. Did he learn? These type rarely do.

According to a story by Fox News, James Sneider and a Journalist friend talked about going to document the “devastation” of Global warming, but did not even disclose the details to his own wife:

“He kept talking about when they ‘get down to chili’, and I thought they were talking about the order in which they would consume their food supplies”, Mrs. Schneider recounted. “I had no idea they were talking about Chile, the country from which you usually fly or sail in order to reach Antarctica.”

Again, not smart. I constantly have to question the intelligence of these “Professors” of Climate Change, who are apparently completely unaware that temperatures in Antarctica get as low as 70 below zero (Fahrenheit).

I have reported on this nonsense before when we were told by some in the Goracle’s rabid legions in the media, “The North Pole might be clear of Ice this summer”. It’s easy to make such ridiculous claims, not much about Global Warming is based on facts, but what they also failed to recognize is that there are web cameras there where we can watch and see the facts. The result? Ice and more ice. In fact, there were times in mid-summer when the cameras seemed iced over.

Sneider and his friend were found frozen near their two snowmobiles, with orange rope spread out on the ice stating one cryptic message:

“Help-COLD” (No duh).

Perhaps it seems fitting that these people were eliminated by Darwinism, for it is certainly true that if one is not intelligent enough to prepare for extreme subzero temperatures simply on the basis of “I think they are lying about the temperature in Antarctica” is foolhardy.

I am not trying to make light of the deaths of two people, but some actions certainly lead to death. If Al Gore told you that gravity did not exist, would you jump off a skyscraper? Science is often common sense, and some should try to have some.


It’s no surprise: British Fairytales about Global Warming

What is surprising about an effort by Britain’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is that regulators actually have said they have gone too far. This is tantamount to the Obama Administration telling Al Gore that he is going a bit too far with his rhetoric. That takes quite a bit, I think.

And these “fairytales” are the worst sort of indoctrination. But that is what Liberalism is all about. It takes years to implement radicalism, you need to start early.

What is also incredibly pathetic is that these rhymes–don’t rhyme!

“Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub — a necessary course of action due to flash flooding caused by climate change.”

The adverts then go on to say that “Climate Change” is real, yada yada, the world is dying, etc. (Isn’t this sort of fearmongering getting old?).

Here is another of these shameful fairytales:

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. There was none as extreme weather due to climate change had caused a drought.”

You might ask yourself, “Do these people have no shame?”. Well, if you have to ask by now, then you have really not been watching.