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Buy a truck, get an AK-47

April 22, 2010 1 comment

Another CNN reporter “owned” by a Conservative business man.

It is pretty hilarious how the reporter seems to ponder why anyone would need an AK 47. That is not the point, people have the right to own one if they wish. Further, if an advertisement for an auto dealership offends your sensibilities, then don’t buy a car from them.

This video really defines the Liberal mentality well, and reflects it upon what the average American believes. Basically, to the CNN reporter, there are a few “truths” which she feels are basic, but are actually Liberal baloney of the highest order:

AK 47s, being an “ugly gun” are not needed in our society.

The AK 47 is probably the most popular gun in the world. It is highly reliable, and can work with little lubrication, in the sand and mud, ect. It is also an effective deer rifle. The Maxmotors representative makes a great point about how 2 people and their foster children were attacked and killed with firearms that were likely illegal, as they may have been fully automatic. AK 47s sold in the US are not fully automatic. I am not saying that an AK would be my first choice for home defense, but it certainly would work as one.

The use of “God” in an advertisement.

I wonder if this woman actually thinks that any reference to God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Allah, ect. is illegal to use or in some way offensive. Again, if the people that buy trucks and cars object to this, they will not buy from Maxmotors. But it seems to be working for them.

The use of “American” in an advertisement.

Yep, we have gotten to the point in Obama’s America…oops, I mean in Obama’s “equal world entity” where the use of the word “America” is not longer politically correct. You can see who these CNN people voted for, and at the same time they think we are stupid enough not to notice.

Personally, I could care less if someone used “satan” in an ad for a blender. I just wouldn’t buy that product if it offended me. To the Left, words that they disagree with need to be banned, and the mere mention of a gun eradicated from society.



Apathy and the Death of Nations

I have said before, “It is not war that destroys great Nations, it is Apathy”. Apathy comes in many forms, the fear of battle, either physical or mental, the decadence of comfort over greatness, the soft weakness of mind and limb brought on by increased feminization of society.

It is just like age robbing one of the ability to stave off disease or physical infermity. The body eventually gives up.

When a nation gets sick, it does so via political ill. Uncontrolled borders and the influx of foreign people, the seizing of Political power by a Liberal elite, the uncaring “Me too” attitude of the people as they simply choose life over Liberty. Such is the sickness that invades the soul, to rob the people of the fire in their hearts and minds.

This is the plan of the far Left. Give to the apathetic and lazy, demoralize the strong and productive, and steal their lives via an accumulation of Government power.

A friend of mine recently went to a local gunshop to see if they could put up a sign for our local Tea Party. Ordinarily, most would simply ask, leave the sign and head out the door. My friend was inciteful enough to take it one step further and ask a few questions. What he found out was shocking. He asked the employees and some of the customers questions about the Tea Party, and nobody really knew what it was. One employee had barely heard about it, as evidenced by his remark, “I heard a little about it, but the name seems kinda lame.” The person at the counter, who claimed to be a “History major” did not understand the connection between the “Boston Tea Party” and the “Tea Party movement”. Some History major. A customer seemed only slightly more aware, and when asked about Obamacare, could barely speak about anything he knew about it. Frankly, he didn’t seem to care.

Apathy. The Killer of Minds.

What my friend found out in a short conversation was that these people, who worked in a gun shop, had no clue about he issues of the Constitution and 2nd Amendment–basically, it was evident that these folks did not watch the news. Not even CNN, much less FOX, or even take the time to look at news articles on the internet.

Perhaps we have become an iPod generation. A nation of Apathetic boobs who know more about “American Idol” than they do about the gradual and progressive loss of their own nation.

The greatest speaker of the Grecian Empire, Demosthenes, spoke of his disgust in the apathy of a once great nation in “The Second Oration against Philip” (344 BC):

They who aspire to an extravagant degree of power are to be opposed by force and action, not by speeches; and yet in the first place, we public speakers are unwilling to recommend or to propose anything to this purpose, from the fear of your displeasure; but confine ourselves to general representations of the grievous, of the outrageous nature of his conduct, and the like. Then you who attend are better qualified than Philip, either to plead the justice of your cause or to apprehend it when enforced by others; but as to any effectual opposition to his present designs, in this you are entirely inactive. You see, then, the consequence, the necessary, the natural consequence, each of you excels in that which has engaged your time and application, he in acting, you in speaking.

Nations die from a dry-rot known as apathy, and the cure is active participation and accumulated knowledge. Do not catch the disease, and if you know someone who has it, tell them.


The Slavery of Gun Control

As an addition to my last blog on the current fight for the 2nd Amendment in Chicago by four brave Americans, I wanted to write this piece. I think the videos above will make it abundantly clear that often the restriction of rights are aimed at minorities. This must stop.

Adolf Hitler enacted gun control for a reason. He feared the opposition of the people he wished to control, and in the case of the Jews, Genocidally murder. The wording was all too vague, stating that guns would be confiscated from “undesirables”. That vagueness is what aided the Holocaust.

In most wars, there is an “underground”, a group or collection of groups that arm themselves and fight as resistance. But in History, you see little about the great Jewish underground. It was all in the preparation.

During the Civil rights era, while racial tensions were high, another bill was passed, this time in America taking almost the same passages translated toward people of color. This time, the fear was free black men and women. It’s effect? Organizations like the Ku Klux Klan were empowered to terrorize and even kill those they hated. The people were basically defenseless. But, as Black American’s realized this, they too armed to fight for their rights. In a way, they were “resistance” toward groups that wanted to destroy them.

The freedom of arms saved these lives.

I have often said that we are brothers and sisters because we are Americans. It matters not our skin color or what country our ancestors came from–it is our Love of country that binds us.

Now, 4 bold individuals from Chicago are standing up for all our rights, and in that we should be united. We can fight for our rights both as individuals and as free Americans. This may put fear in those who wish to dismantle those same rights, or wish to impose their own brand of slavery upon us. For it seems that the modern day slavery is to Government and it’s overwhelming control.

Perhaps the next fight will not be based on racial identity but by a national one. Or perhaps it will be for the American culture, a wonderful melting pot of cultures that emboldens and strengthens us, rather than the “bold new world” of meaningless borders or language.

Join us and be strong ye people, for it is your very lives and Liberties at stake.


Four against “The Machine”

Youtube video: Young Shatner tells the story about a woman who protects herself in her home with a hangun.

The Supreme Court is again taking a look at the 2nd Amendment and it’s relation to individual rights. The Left’s view is “A disarmed society is a crime-free society”. Basically, they are naive.

The place in American’s heart that the firearm holds is a long one. Were it not for farmers and hunters (and their weapons) we would possibly still be a British colony today.

The battle this time is over Chicago’s long held ban on guns. If anyone thinks that such bans help anything, they should note Chicago’s crime rate: In 2009, for the first time in 5 years, murders exceeded 500. Perhaps you can call it “Change you can die for”.

I often wonder about why people voted for then Senator Barack Obama for President. Surely, if you look at where he came from, you could see the effect he had as ACORN lawyer, Community Organizer, State Senator, and then U.S. Senator. Did Chicago improve via Obama’s beliefs? He is very anti-gun ownership.

The case brought to the Supreme court is not one by the NRA, although the group supports the goal of the suit. It was brought about by 4 concerned citizens, none of whom resemble the “avid gun nut” that the media would like to depict.

Take Colleen Lawson, for example. She and her husband recounted a day in 2006 when she almost had her home broken into by 3 men. Luckily they ran then they saw her, but what if they hadn’t? Lawson says she longs for a day when she can feel unafraid again, much like when her grandmother would keep a handgun in her apron.

“I knew without any doubt my grandmother would be able protect us,” she said. “I can’t say that to my children.”

Another one of the plaintiffs, remembers coming to Chicago as a young black man. There, he worked hard all his life to provide a home for his budding family. Today, the neighborhood is not the same. There are screams at night, gunshots, and the sound of breaking bottles. His own home has been broken into 3 times, and in one case upon calling the Police, his life was threatened.

It seems obvious that the criminals no longer fear the Police or the people.

Orlov, a former police officer, knows that banning handguns only provides a crime filled city of potential victims.

“The law only prohibits the actions of those who are law-abiding,” said Orlov, 40. “The more law-abiding the more likely you are to be vulnerable to the activities of criminals.”

Of course the “Machine” run by Mayor Richard Dailley hums along lopingly, with the innocent dead simply crushed in the gears. He says he is hopeful that the handgun ban will survive.

Liberalism, you see, is not about truth. It is about feelings. It is better to “feel” that banning guns will help bring crime down, than actually having it come down.

My take is that it is pretty easy to see that a good and law abiding person is little threat in the large scale of things. Criminals will always be able to get and carry guns, and they will hurt those they feel they can easily victimize.