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Congressman James Oberstar’s “Jesus was a Socialist” endorsement

The one thing we should have learned from the election of Barack Obama is to look into the background, words, and who a person endorses for their true beliefs. Young Barack Obama had a Communist mentor, was a good friend and neighbor of domestic terrorist/Marxist William Ayers, was endorsed by the Socialist party in Illinois, and had a radical minister, also a Marxist, called Jeremiah Wright.

Is there any doubt why America faces the Governmental overreach that it does today? Once a Marxist, always a Marxist.

Congressman Oberstar has been representing Minnesota for a very long time. He has disguised his true views by supporting gun owners and being anti-abortion. However, recently he proved he is actually pro-abortion by voting for Obamacare. Is he actually anti-gun? Would he support huge taxes on ammunition and guns? Huge fees to transfer or buy a firearm? The answer is unknown, we only have his word, and lately his word isn’t so good.

And then we get to the issue of his judgement. It is of great importance to know exactly how well a Congressman/Senator would choose as he/she makes decisions for the electorate. And herein lies the problem with Congressman Oberstar, he endorsed a deeply Marxist Minnesota Representative for the position of Governor of the State, Thomas Rukavina.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the Youtube video above. What does it mean when Rukavina both criticizes “Old capitalism” and at the same time says that “Jesus was a Socialist”? It means he embraces Socialism.

And what would a Socialist as Governor mean for Minnesota? Higher taxes, exploding Govt, huge regulations and an anti-business environment. Siding with unions over the private sector is a virtual guarantee. Do you want this? If so, please comment. If not, let me know your feelings.

James Oberstar does not even live in the State he Represents. And now he endorses an admitted Marxist for Governor. I think it is time for us to retire him for good.