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The First or Final Battle?

February 28, 2010 6 comments

I was thinking today about our struggle against those who would cause the demise of our country via an “overdose of Government”: Is this the first battle of a New Era, or is this the last battle in America’s decline?

Surely, if we fight with all our collective might, we might push back the attempt to captivate and Socialize our nation. But, considering the Democrat’s seeming full blown lemming jaunt to the Apocalypse, could it be our final fight?

We cannot underestimate our opponents. Years of indoctrination have led to some pretty messed up people, with some terrible Leftist beliefs. They hate themselves, so why not hate their country? They are so myopic that they dare not be introspective. If they do, what will they find? A pretty serious case of hatred mixed with a strong urge to control others.

Yes, the Left has become an abusive spouse. If they cannot have the country, they will destroy it. Heck, they might do it anyway.

Their short sighted bull headed attempt to pass Obamacare is thought of them as their “last best chance” at forever and irreversably changing America. They know it will cost trillions, will break us, but they don’t care.

You see, the average Leftist is a pretty selfish person. Yes, selfish. They covet what others have strived for. They are willing to sink the boat in order to grab the floating cushions, if you will. And if it seems crazy, well nobody ever said that insanity makes sense.

We, on the other hand, stand firmly at the gates. We have stood there many times before, against Naziism, Communism, attempts to restrict civil rights (yes, they were against that too). Isn’t it wonderful for them to be so open minded as to believe that anything goes? Be it child slavery in developing nations, or female genital mutilation? Or Sharia Law? The stoning of women?

It is easy being on the Left you see. You walk through the gutter of filth and say, “It’s none of my problem”. Sure, they will wail and scream about the oppressed, but if asked to do anything about it, well–it won’t happen. You see, it takes little effort to steal from others via Govt control, and even less to take action against very bad people who mistreat the weak.

We will stand up and fight, and even if it is our last, we will do battle gallantly for this country we love. For it is about more than our lives, but for the future of all that come after.


Advertisements a “fraud”?

February 27, 2010 11 comments

I do not make these sorts of accusations without them having some merit. Let me explain.

Today I noticed an article on the “Coffee Party”; Supposedly, these are openminded individuals who love America, believe in citizen governance, but differ from the Tea Party in that they want our politicians to “get together” and get things done. Hmm, I thought, are these people for real?

Upon checking out their website, all seemed nice and moderate. The young lady on the opening video was well spoken and attractive. I signed up, and watched a video I found very interesting called “US Army Veteren: Tea Party doesn’t represent me”. Fine, I thought, lets see what he has to say.

Soon I realized the goal: Talk reasonably about such things as the Constitution, and “fiscal Conservatism”, but then interject how badly we need Govt to do it’s job. I decided to leave a comment, and see what sort of responses I would get. Here is what I wrote:

With all due respect to Alan, especially for his service to our country, I have to wonder about his true beliefs.

At first I hear some great things, such as the fact that we need to reduce spending, preserve Constitutional liberties, ect. But as I listen further, this stance seems to soften, becoming more “Well, but we need Govt program A costing 2 trillion dollars” Or “We need to let illegals have amnesty because we can’t really send them back”. No offense, but these are not the words of a fiscal Conservative or any sort of Conservative, Sir. It might be more of a “John McCain” variety, but certainly not Reagan.

I am intrigued by the idea of the “Coffee Party” movement, being a member of the Tea Party movement myself. So far, it seems to be a “Suicide is painless” sort of outreach to a small minority of people who want to have “Mommy Govt” provide our every need. Sure, they seem to say that the American people are the boss, but then go on to say they want to command our Politicians to enact legislation that will break the US economy.

I think this is silly and reckless. Further, I assume that the Coffee Party respects the lives of our children enough to not stick them with the bill for their Liberalism. You do, right?

What confuses me is the duality of your message:

1. We are the bosses of the Govt (I agree)

2. We want the govt to enact harmful legislation when Social Security and Medicare are already going broke. (this I do not understand)

Respectfully, I ask for an explanation.

This is what came up when I clicked “Preview”:

I think that there are 2 that should be tackled in tandem. Healthcare is a done deal. It may not be what EVERYONE wants, but it does have some legs to it, and now the only direction that this issue can go is up now. In other words, the foundation of keeping the insurance companies at bay with FORCING them to pay for the coverage that they are supposed to be giving their customers in the first place; which is pathetic in itself! The 2 issues that we need to take care of now SIMULTANEOUSLY is job creation AND financial reform. We NEED jobs, so that is self explanatory; however, I feel that finance is where America needs to fix ASAP! Wall Street has their hands in EVERYTHING: Healthcare, Environment reform, Immigration(big business racing to the bottom with wages) reform, ELECTIONS, etc. Money moves EVERYTHING! We need to monitor and regulate the flow of ALL funding in our country. We need regulate campaign contributions, PAC contributions, questionable investment vehicles, money trading, etc. I feel that money is the trunk of the tree and all the other issues are the branches. Take care of the source, and the others will follow along by necessity

At first I thought I was looking at someone elses comment, but after trying several times to get my own comments to post, I realized that this might not be a mistake. I then made sure to quickly copy this to this blog entry, so as to keep a record, then hit “save”.

As of this writing (9:11 am central) my comment is still under moderation. Will the false comment shilling for big Govt be posted? Or will my original comments? Only time will tell.

Basically, I smell a rat.


Update (8:25 pm central): So far there is no post, either the one I actually posted OR the fraudulant one. Perhaps they simply deleted it, which is almost as bad. I will continue to monitor.

Update (6:54 am central): I noticed that a poster on has a full profile of “Coffee Party” umm founder, Annabel Park. Let’s just say that she appears “hand picked” for the project.

Proof it is astroturf:Annabel Park Annabel ParkProducer-Director 9500 Liberty

Washington D.C. Metro Area
Current•Producer/Co-director at 9500 Liberty
Past•National Coordinator at 121 Coalition
•Strategy Analyst at The New York Times
Education•Boston University
•University of Oxford
Connections 103 connections IndustryMedia Production

She is a left wing filmmaker from Wash DC (surprise, surprise!)

margretto on February 27, 2010 at 9:25 AM

I posted another comment on the site, or at least attempted to this morning. Upon hitting “preview” I simply saw a single message, “test”.
Perhaps their site is not working? For a well funded tool of the Left, one would think they would have their act together enough to post comments.

Britain joins the fight

February 26, 2010 6 comments

The incredible British Conservative Daniel Hannan, will speak at the first ever British Tea Party.

Centuries after we fought for our independence, then became allies, will we now become even closer? Will the Tea Party become a worldwide roar vibrating the Earth itself against Marxism? We can only hope.

We can only say “Welcome” to our British friends. Welcome to the understanding that Patriotism and Liberty should be synonymous. Freedom from the tyranny of Govt malfunction need not be tolerated. We need only stand up and join as one.

In the land of Tea drinkers, perhaps it is time for a real Party.


Repubs win the battle, Dems continue the War

We all expected the Republicans to come to the Healthcare summit and sheepishly and meekly agree (with some minor disagreements we can certainly work out) but were met with a very well prepared presentations from the “Grand Old Party”.

First of all, Senator Lamar Alexander was the perfect mix of congeniality, facts, and preemptive lawyering needed to open for the Republicans. The fact that he requested that Democrats take “reconciliation” off the table, bolstering the request with the words of the President and Harry Reid (as well as Senator Robert Byrd) in the past saying that respect for the rules of the Senate and the minority should be maintained for the sake of our Democracy.

This visibly irritated the President, as he exhibited his famed “tell” which is putting his hand and finger on his temple, tilts his head, purses his lips, glaring at either the speaker or off into space. This has been called “the look”.

Nancy Pelosi looked like one of the marionettes out of the movie “puppet master” as she grinned surreally and talked about the greatness of Ted Kennedy, ect ect. (In other words, pass this bloated bill for our lost hero)

Harry Reid came off cranky and surly as he said “with all due respect” to Senator Alexander, he should “stick to the facts” and then went on to tell a lie himself, saying that they weren’t talking about reconciliation. Senator Reid is on mic doing just that about 3 days ago.

In a stammering, disjointed fashion, the President interrupted the Republicans at every turn. In some cases telling Eric Cantor bringing a copy of the the 2400 page “Obamamonstrosity” was simply using a “prop”. Perhaps someone should explain that the summit was about talking about the Bill? And from his frustration, it seems that the President has not read it himself.

Perhaps the most important clash was between the President and his former opponent Senator John McCain, where “O” reminded the Maverick that the election was over. While highly disrespectful by the President, I would have to say that McCain’s response was a bit weak. Instead of telling the President, “Perhaps you forget, Mr. President, I am no longer campaigning, but am still the Senator for the people of Arizona.” (this would have taken the wind out of Barry’s sails, rather than the “I’m reminded about that every day” response by Senator McCain)

Overall, the Republicans did very well, were polite and factual, presented their 6-point plan, and had facts to bolster their claims.
The Democrats came off as dismissive and arrogant.

In the final equation, the Democrats wanted the opposite effect. They wanted a weak and fiscally moderate Republican party to come in, speak without facts, and lose control of their emotions. In this scenario, the Democrats win via the “We tried to reason with the Republicans, but they had no plan on the table”. But we know now this is not the case. We also know why the President didn’t want to put this spectacle on CSPAN–budding dictatorships, even if they are in your own mind, are never pretty.

The next step will be the likely attempt to shove this bill down America’s throat. We must make it clear that this won’t be acceptable. The President doesn’t care if he destroys the Democrat party for his Utopian vision, and the Democrats need to be reminded of that fact.

Call and email your Representatives. Fire up the lines until they melt.

And in the end–let them know fear.


Generation Zero

February 24, 2010 4 comments

Call them “The Lords of Destruction”. They are those Political figures that are both financially and philosophically tied to the destruction of the USA. From George Soros to Al Gore, and right down to executives in Goldman Sachs, and the rogues gallery that are known as the “Friends of O”.

They will pretend that they know nothing about it. But it seems that it all started long ago, a vision of Leftism over Liberty. Of destruction and rebuilding. Of Capitalism to Marxism. And who will be left leading this new world?

They will say that such things are fantasy. But how else can one believe a world agenda where the fantasy of Anthropogenic Global Warming equals taxing everyone and at the same time transferring that wealth to an elite few via Carbon credits and trading?

Or where you set up banks to fail via “Ninja” loans (no income, no job, accepted) and then bail them out with Trillions of borrowed dollars. And the borrowing is not just from the Chinese, but from our own children. To say this is dispicable is to not do these people justice.

To the purposeful opening of borders to the 3rd world, without asking them to accept our language, culture, or even take an oath to “be American”, we see the goal is destruction. And it is not just via the Democrats, or the World’s Left, but their enabler known as the “RINO”. They hope to be loved by the Left that hates them but occasionally gives them a tip of their collective hat, but only when they decry Conservatism.

It is as if you were told you had a week to live and had to live those days quickly; This is how these people spend our money. As if throwing it into the wind to have it whisk away.

The first goal: Destruction

To make a world that the Left wants, the old one must first be destroyed. They will tell you they want to do it “for the poor” but don’t make me laugh. They are doing it for themselves. They wish to be the all powerful Gods of a new world. All others will be serfs and slaves to a system which allows base life, but at a higher cost to Liberty.

The last man will then stand screaming at the giant Obelisk that is Government oppression, and although he is using his full volume, his voice will be neither heard nor felt.

The time to stop this is now, and not after we hit Generation Zero.


Join us on April 15th

The date is set, and we are ready; It is the next Duluth, MN Tea Party.
We are welcoming one and all to come participate and listen to speeches, music, and converse with people from all walks of life, young and “seasoned”.

As you know, the Tea Party movement had a humble beginning. It started with groups of people who decided that they had had enough of big government, taxation with misrepresentation, and of stripping the individual of essential Liberty.

We are not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent movement. We are a popular movement of all who wish to voice their concerns. We are inclusive regardless of race, religion (or lack thereof), sexual identity, or Political persuasion. We are a movement of Liberty, not hatred, and of logical thought over “hope” for Government to be our salvation. We do have an ideal that we believe in, and that is Liberty over Government, and the rule of law over Political cronyism.

We simply want you to come and see what we have to offer, no strings attached.

While this Tea Party will be held right next to the DECC, near the waterfront, we hope that anyone who wishes to attend will do so. You can be from Minnesota or Wisconsin, or from any State in the Union, or if you are visiting from another country, please feel free to stop by and see the basis of our Democratic Republic.

Again, on April 15, the doors will open at 3:00 pm, and will wind down at about 6 pm. If you would like to join us to volunteer, we would be all too happy to get your help. We are a volunteer movement, but if you have other ways to help out, be it via donation (all funds will go to fund our events) or in various capacities, please contact us.

You can visit our main site HERE.

And there is contact info on the site.

To make a difference, we can join as one to make the “Shining City on the Hill” real once again.


Man arrested for having pitchfork

February 23, 2010 4 comments

Few realize that you can legally carry a tool if it is not brandished in a non-threatening manner. Biker gangs carry ball peen hammers for this reason. But apparently, if you wear a “Don’t tread on me” t-shirt, normal laws are null and void.

To add insult to injury, Arizona is an “open carry” state. This means that you can legally wear a handgun or other weapon as long as it is visible (in full view). Apparently during the arrest of this “Patriotic farmer” several people walked by with guns in full view, and were not arrested. Perhaps he should have worn a “Yes we can” T-shirt.

Beware people, there is a movement to try to negate our rights because of our anti-Government, pro-Capitalist views. But this is the reason we fight in the first place. We strive for laws that are applied equally to all.

We have made great strides in this, such in the area of “concealed carry permits”. It was not so long ago that the only people able to access CCW permits were not the abused woman, the stalked, or those who carry large sums of money for their business transactions–it was the contributor to the local Democrat party. It is no wonder that Rosie O’Donell has no problem having her bodyguards armed, but wants us all disarmed.

The real area of worry is that the Obama Administration has not forgotten the area of gun rights (although said rights are in the Constitution) as a goal of something he wants to deal with (squash).
And their first goal is the tired old so-called “assault weapons ban”.
See a great story on this here.

Namely, the attempt is being made via the “We are flooding Mexico with our assault weapons” argument. Something that is patently false.
If this is such a threat to President Obama, perhaps he should tighten the borders, no? But of course, this would mean stopping the never ending flood of potential Democrat voters that Mr Obama so covets.

The end game will be a country where any man or woman can be searched at the will of the authorities, where any benign object will be a potential weapon, and the very right to self defense or political objection will be eradicated.

The main weapon to destroy these rights? Political Correctness. They are already expelling children for having a tiny “G.I. Joe” gun or butter knife. The message to children being, “Guns are bad, never touch one”. And this Liberal message is meant to extend to adulthood, where metrosexualized mobs of sheepish Americans gladly hand over their rights as if it is a “tithe” to the great church of Mommy Government.

These rights we will not give up, nor will we bend to the will of the Bureaucrat.