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United we stand

The year was 1768, and it was the Boston Gazette that published “The Liberty Song” by John Dickinson. One line of the song would inspire a notion among people that lives to this day:

“Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!”

The quote, “United we stand, Divided we fall” emerged from that point, and was spoken by George Washington in relation to the Constitution as well.

This phrase is more than just a simple Patriot statement, it has deeper meaning. It means to put aside minor differences for the greater cause. Sure, in situations in life, you will not agree with everyone ALL the time, but it is a coalition of similar beliefs that help define a movement. Ronald Reagan had a great “Rule” about Party affiliation (and it is a good rule for any group) called the “80% rule”. President Reagan felt it was better to consider someone a “80% friend” than a “20% enemy”.

The Tea Party began from humble beginnings in that it was a spontaneous emergence of people who have similar feelings about Freedom, the Constitution, the rights of the individual, ect. But what few note is that there was never a litmus test of religion, sexual orientation, age, or color related to the Tea Party. Basically, they agree 80% of the time on the base issues we feel we stand for.

The Tea party is a loose collective of Patriots. Can a Republican be a Tea party member? Why not? Can a Democrat? I don’t see why they shouldn’t. It is their core beliefs that need to be considered, and little more.

Size of group is something that is constantly an attempt at ridicule by the vast Left-wing media in relation to the Tea Parties. Is a group of 50 enough to qualify? Or does it need to be something like Dallas, Texas with 100,000 attending? The answer is both, and all. The Tea party is about individuals collectively expressing their concern over our nation’s course. So in actuality, you could hold a “Tea Party” of 2 in a tiny town and still be valid. And you might even be one person who puts a video on Youtube and inspires a nation to react–you might still consider yourself part of the “Tea Party”.

The issue is that we need to stay united. We can win back our country if we work hard to make those changes happen. We can, as a group from shore to shore, break those bonds that Govt wishes to put on us.

Consider our might as an expression of our hearts and minds, a giant colossus built of our own will, so mighty as to cause fear in the bureacrat and Leftist. But chip away at that great statue over trivial points on contention outside of our main focus, and soon cracks begin to form. Those cracks can become arguments which become feuds and all out claims on the title of “Tea Party”. The face of the statue begins to break away, exposing a creaking armature of steel.

Eventually the mighty red, white, and blue colossus we all build comes crumbling down. It is a fear that this could happen, and only we can keep it from happening.

Join hands Patriots, and shout from the highest mountain our unity. We will not bend or fail, nor will we be changed by our efforts.



Pentagon shooter actually Bush-hating 9/11 truther

Youtube clip: Alex Jones generally has a pretty interesting show, but he acted like a nut in this incident. Pretty interesting.

Here we go again. Apparently, the growing hatred in America is not coming from the Patriotic movements like the Tea Party, but rather the lingering sickness of the Left. Remember Amy Bishop? The media has worked mightily to keep her radical Leftism and love of Barack Obama under wraps. And what about Joseph Stack, who the media tried to pin as a person who “might attend a Tea Party”, that is until it was found that the guy was leaning toward Communism via his self-penned manifesto? The media is always looking to demonize those it disagrees with, and propping up those with which they agree. This even means ignoring the danger of their radicalism.

This will be another lesson in media corruption. Will the “mainstream media” tell the American people that the Pentagon shooter was a flaming Leftist? I doubt it. I have been watching these people for a long time, and they rarely surprise me.

There is a reason that the old media is dying. It is corrupt and filled with people who care less about telling the truth than promoting an agenda. They elected President Obama, and now work daily to provide him with the support he needs. Nothing, be in the salvation of the country, their children’s futures, or the state of the Republic mean anything to them. They are liked programmed robots aimed to “progress” their Governmental ideal.

The old media needs to die a quiet death, and the sooner the better. Long live the truth.


Coffee Parties have trouble filling coffee shops

Youtube clip: Annabel Park, Leftist film maker and Obama supporter, prior to the nomination of Barack Obama. This is pretty comical, because it highlights the words that Park wants people to see, and many of them have a deeper meaning. Look for: “transform”, “take over”, “change”, “cultural”, “collaborator”.

I did some research on the “Coffee Party” and it’s confirmed “attendees” at their April 13 event. To say that the response at this point is low is to understate the truth: In some cases the “coffee partier” might end up talking to himself, literally.

I did a search for events in a 400 mile perimeter in Minnesota, to search for Coffee Party locations. At each event I found (there were six of them) the average attendance at this point is 2.3 people per coffee “nook”.

At this event, nobody has signed up at all:

Coffee Bene 53 South Cleveland Avenue St Paul, MN 55105-1004 (651) 698-2266
St. Paul, MN (usually the number of attendees is here, with a maximum of 20)

14 people? With this sort of outpouring of excitement, I think they would be better served to form a Girl scout troop and sell cookies.

Even if these events do eventually “fill up”, this would amount to 120 people. The excitement is electric!