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Jousting with Windfarms

HotAir has an article on the 3.3 million dollars that Minnesota invested on 11 wind turbines, and how none of them work in the winter. Click here to read the full article.

It seem that the company that Minnesota bought these from said they would work in the cold of Minnesotan winters. Surely, a lawsuit is imminent. As it stands right now they are talking about having to heat the hydraulic fluid so they can spin–an effort that will surely require energy. And considering that the cost and frequent maintenance of wind turbines already makes them a “green folly”, this will make any chance at seeing these go in the black almost impossible.

Suppose that it takes the same amount of energy to heat the oil as they produce? Wouldn’t it be better to just shut them down in the winter? Of course, most of these forms of energy production are dubious, and rather meant to make us feel good about “being green”.

Just listen to the Chaska employee toward the end of the youtube clip express how it is a “Good project, we just want them to spin”. What are these, works of art? Or, how a Chaska teacher was going to use the wind-turbines in Chaska for her “lesson plants” (surely, along with Al Gore’s movie) but has not decided that was not such a good idea. I have to say, I do agree with the teacher on that issue.



A Government by, and for, the Government

No, I did not get this wrong, I wrote the title of this article to make a point. President Obama, in his recent comments to members of the Republican party, seemed to smirk at the idea that some would think that Obamacare is a “Bolshevik plot” l. Isn’t it, Mr President? I know this was an attempt to make anyone who makes this claim out to be a wingnut, but such comparisons do have merit, you must admit.

Bob Hansen sent me a fantastic article by Conservative Patrick J Buchanan, titled “Crisis of the Government Party”.

Buchanan makes the same point that Government itself is like an insatiable monster that will eventually consume all. And why this happens is that the more people who depend on it, the more Government becomes both intrenched and indestructable.

Buchanan states:

Democrats are the Party of Government. They feed it, and it feeds them. The larger government grows, the more agencies that are created, the more bureaucrats who are hired, the more people who become beneficiaries, the more deeply entrenched in power the Party of Government becomes.

Surely Obama is putting us on when he says that Obamacare is a “moderate” bill. He knows that his attempts at expanding Government will surely increase his own party’s dominance in Washington, as well. It is all about the number of Govt employees and the number of people who rely on govt.

At the local, state and federal level, there are 19 million to 20 million government employees. And if one takes only Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and earned income tax credits, we are talking of scores of millions who depend on government checks for the necessities of their daily life.

These vast armies of voters — these tens of millions of government employees and scores of millions of government beneficiaries — are the big battalions of the Party of Government. They provide implacable resistance to any party that pledges to cut or curtail government. For they are fighting for their livelihood.

But, states Buchanan, this is also Obama’s dilemma: How to feed the beast. The “progressives” (aka Liberals, Socialists) will not settle for anything less than what could be termed “full-blown Marxism” at this point, and this makes it very hard to push an actual centrist bill. The monster has power and must be fed, and what do monsters do when they are denied food? The often eat their master.

I was recently watching a movie made in in Czechoslovakia called “Little Otik”, which makes this point well. In the movie, a barren couple so want a child as to be at the point of desperation. When the husband buys weekend property and digs up a stump, it so resembles a human baby that he cleans it up, applies some varnish and presents it to his wife, half in jest. What he didn’t know was that his wife would consider it a real baby and it would consume her entire world.
After suckling the wooden “Child” for the first time, it comes to life, and is very hungry. And it’s hunger doesn’t stop. It eats everything in the home, and eventually the mailman knocks on the door to deliver priority mail. When the husband and wife return they find nothing but bones on the floor, with a sleeping (and now very large) Otik sleeping and somewhat satisfied for the moment. Eventually the “child” devours many other people before, at the end, a rugged old woman takes her hoe down to finish off “baby” Otik.

Obama liked to say “Believe” but when we believe that Government is God, Mother, Father, Benefactor, and employer, we no longer own the “Beast” it owns us. And when it is hungry enough, it will eat us all.


Just out interest, you might want to know that “little Otik” was also called “Otesanek”; In Czech, that name actually means “hungry guts” and is the title of an actually Fairy tale. It pretty much sums up my feelings about Govt., too.

Distaste of the Nation

January 28, 2010 1 comment

I can see the commercial now, “The new, improved “O”–now with added populisma!” See Chris Matthews as he says he “forgot he was Black for about an hour”. Sheesh. I think he almost another “tingle”.

Yes, I watched the entire speech so you didn’t have to. Let me summarize it as best I can:

The tenor of the President was one that drifted back and forth between stubborn adherance to Leftism and attempted empathy and dare I say, “hope”. Those that expected a repentant Obama, sorry it ain’t happening. What this really was was an attempt to channel Bill Clinton. Sorry Barack, we knew Bill Clinton, some loved Bill Clinton (not me), but you are no Bill Clinton.

Some Major Points:

I counted at least 3-4 separate occasions of blaming every ill upon the Bush Administration. There was not much soul searching from the President.

Blame was also heaped on Wall street and bankers, and Obama said that the taxes he wants to heap on both will be for the American people. Oh really? I really doubt that any money gleaned in taxes will make to toward paying down the deficit.

Blame was also directed toward the Republicans several times, and while he urged Democrats to stay the course, he scolded Repubs for not getting with the show.

Devil’s in the details:

(wants) “Govt that matches decency” Aka More social spending.

If not for the bailout, we would have “double the unemployment”; Oh really? So unemployment would be 20% right now? I am relieved–we’re saved!

“We have not raised taxes, not even once”; You didn’t get to it, that is why we opposed cap and trade and the Healthcare scam.

Must push “Big Agenda”; Oh-oh…

Must “cut risk”; All Capitalism requires risk. This might be bad for stock growth.

American innovation requires “investment”; Oh boy, more spending.

“Nation that leads the green economy will lead the world…”; Oh really? Please explain why this would be the case. China does better every year with zero “Green energy”.

Spending freeze won’t begin until next year, because we have too many people to take care of; This led the Republicans to laugh out loud, much to the irritation of the sour-faced Barack Obama.

“With all due respect to separation of powers” (in referencing the Supreme court striking down a large portion of McCain/Feingold); If you have to say “with all do respect” then you have no respect. I expect that the Dems will try to get around the Supreme Court decision.

“Growing consequences” toward Iran; Oh, and what would those “consequences” be? So far, you have done nothing.

Spoke of the “American Values” of all people; The President was referencing illegals at this point of the speech. Can you say “Amnesty”?

“Selfish gain”; Obviously a shot at Capitalism.

“Fight” “We won’t quit-I don’t quit”; In other words, “If you wanted me to move to the center, forget it.”

The President did talk about building more Nuclear power plants and opening up offshore areas to oil/natural gas exploration, which brought a cheer from the Repub. side of the aisle. BUT, in the same area of the speech, he also talked about passing the house bill in the Senate–and this IS Carbon cap and trade (a huge tax).

And it appears that the President has not given up on the horrible Healthcare issue yet, as he still wants passage of the oiriginal bill. This guy doesn’t learn.

Basically, the entire speech was just a retooled “O” speech from a year ago. The only difference was that someone has convinced him that he looks too stiff and cold, and doesn’t embrace a love of his country. And if you need someone to tell you to do these things, then they are not your beliefs in the first place.

In the end, I declare “Shenanigans” on almost the entire speech. Why? Because I fear that the only parts that we can believe are the ones where the President talks about increasing taxes or government.


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Obamacare R.I.P. ??

January 27, 2010 1 comment

Hotair has a great article on this.

Basically, according to Dick Morris, rather than moderating their stance on Obamacare the Democrats were devising a fiendish plan to promise their more Liberal members that if they pass the Senate bill, they will revisit it later to FIX it. In other words, they would then attempt to reinsert every destructive amendment they can and pass “Obamacare Part Deux: The Final Straw” via reconciliation, where they would only need 51 votes for passage.

Well, that WAS the plan, but not so fast.

Two Democrats, Congessmen Bayh and Lincoln, have already said they will not participate in the strategy. I guess there are some people who want to get reelected, huh?

And perhaps the stake that was pressed against the chest of the monstrosity is being hammered in by Senatorial Republicans, who dared the leadership to try it, and they will heap an untold number of Amendments on the bill, and less than a year before many would have to run for reelection:

“If you bring a reconciliation bill to the Senate, it’s a free for all of amendments,” the GOP aide said, cautioning that this was only part of the overall strategy. “There is no way to limit the number of amendments that are voted on. You can’t close debate. Democrats will have to vote on every politically perilous amendment that you can possibly think of.”

So, is the monster dead? It would appear to be so. But what further punishment will the all the President’s men have in store for us in the next year?

“Ding, Dong the Witch is dead…”


The Tea Party will dominate

It appears that Michele Bachmann has recovered from her mixup with the boorish Senator “Benedict” Arlen Specter, and in this clip she speaks a good portion of truth.

O’Reilly: “Will the Tea Party people become the dominant force in the Republican Party?”

Bachmann: “Oh, I think they will, and if the Republican Party is smart, they will embrace the Tea Party movement.”

Representative Bachmann is 100% correct on this, and so-called “moderates” had best beware, if they try to demonize, or in the very least, try to ignore us, they do so at their own peril.

I heard some commentary today on one local radio show regarding the fading support for Governor Charlie Crist versus newcomer (and Tea Party favorite) Marco Rubio. The gist of the discussion was that right-wing “wingnuts” might mess up the election for Crist. Sorry, but Crist is doing a fine job of doing that for himself, via his support for Carbon Cap and Trade, the Obama Stimulus, and Florida’s own version of Light rail.

A New Quinnepiac poll has Rubio in the lead, 47-44.

And to add insult to injury (who are Crist’s political advisors, anyway?) Crist is talking about meeting Obama for what would appear to be a campaign stop:

Gov. Charlie Crist, who has been taking a steady pounding for his “man hug” with President Obama in Fort Myers last February, says he may be with the president again at the University of Tampa Thursday when the president may announce a major award of high-speed rail money for Florida — money that state officials say will create thousands of new jobs. …
“Currently, I have plans to be in Tampa on Thursday for the Board of Governors (meeting). We’re going to announce the new membership. If we can work it out logistically, I will be with him,” Crist said.

Ok, so you don’t much like those nutty tea party people, but haven’t you noticed President Obama’s track record on destroying Democratic candidates? If I were able to have a heart-to-heart with Crist, my first question would be, “Are you crazy?”.

Run from the hand of Death, my friend, don’t shake it.


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Don’t make this guy angry

Losing Minnesota’s chance at the Superbowl be a razor thin margin was pretty tough to swallow, but we need not fear–for another champion is back–Brock Lesnar.

For those of you who don’t follow mixed martial arts (MMA), Brock Lesnar is a Minnesotan, former champion collegiate wrestler, and the Heavyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Lesnar is an incredible athlete, and almost got on the Vikings via a walk-in. That really says something, since he never played college football.

But there was a time recently when Lesnar was not so sure if he was even going to live, much less compete.

Brock couldn’t understand it. He felt so tired, and he thought perhaps he was having a bout of mononucleosis. He couldn’t train, and the doctors were unsure of what was causing his problems. He took a trip to Canada to relax and recharge his batteries. He awoke one night in extreme pain, and was rushed to the hospital. It was there than they found that he had a hole in his intestine from Diverticulitis. But they really couldnt’ do much for him, at least according to Lesnar.

One telephone call later and a high speed run back to the USA by his wife, Rena, and Lesnar admitted he was happy to be in America recieving the best healthcare. “They coudn’t do anything for me, it was like being in a 3rd world country” Lesnar said in a recent interview. Lesnar said he wanted to come out and make this point, he didn’t think Socialized healthcare was any good, and he wanted to warn people about “Obamacare”.

With a foe like Brock Lesnar, they better watch out.


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He’s the Taxman

January 25, 2010 1 comment

Extremely amusing, and well done, you must admit:

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